Imagining Argentina Reviews

December 15, 2017
It is not a good film; it is, moreover, a very earnest one, and our popular culture despises earnestness above almost anything else.
November 30, 2005
Gimmicky, pat, and just a tad too brutal at times, Imagining Argentina is a powerful statement rendered oddly ineffectual by a consistent desire to avoid controversy.
August 20, 2004
Despite its flaws, the film does the job in helping us imagine what that must be like for relatives and friends left behind.
July 16, 2004
Hampton's mixing of thriller and love story, cinematic coincidence and historical fact makes this film flawed but fascinating.
June 29, 2004
It's sad to see a film which, despite fine work in the various craft departments, fails to succeed on the most basic level.
June 10, 2004
The concept takes magical realism to a reductive, overtly literal level, trivializing the subject and the people the film tries so hard to memorialize.
June 10, 2004
Like Life Is Beautiful before it, Imagining Argentina juxtaposes horrific images of torture and humiliation against gooey optimism and thinks it's saying something profound about human resilience in the process.
June 10, 2004
...fidgety and incomplete, as though either poorly conceived or poorly re-edited after the fact.
May 14, 2004
Hampton makes a moving job of it, with top-notch cinematography and heartfelt performances.
April 28, 2004
The power of the film is its roots in official truths which are already melting away.
April 23, 2004
Well-intentioned but awkwardly executed.
February 17, 2004
Honorable, but highly flawed, production.
January 30, 2004
It's maddening that the film is so weak, because there's a touching and seriously important story here that should have been told with power, honesty and humanity.