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September 1, 2018
In the way that Beethoven himself bridged the classical and romantic periods, the film wants to be a mixture of CITIZEN KANE and AMADEUS, retelling a monumental life through melancholic flashbacks and the mystery of an empty signifier. The idea is a worthwhile one, if much too conventional for its utterly original and avant-garde subject matter-something the movie sorely misunderstands, giving little weight to the specificity of the composer's genius, tone-deafly treating him merely like a lightening rod for romantic passion-but the execution here is as flat as a second-rate soprano, lacking in the verve or audacity of its models, substituting pathos for authentic artistry. Anton Schindler (played by Jeroen Krabbé), the film's framing narrator, is too blank to serve as a Salieri, and Beethoven's string of mistresses too sycophantic to provide the complexity of Kane's memorializers-the result, ironically enough, is rather monotone and cold.
June 28, 2018
Great movie, music in the context of the movie, moves you to tears
June 4, 2018
""Music is a dreadful thing. What is it? I don't understand it. What does it mean? It exalts the soul? Utter nonsense. If you hear a marching band, is your soul exalted? No, you march. If you hear a waltz, you dance. If you hear a mass, you take communion. It is the power of music to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer. The listener has no choice. It is like hypnotism. So, now... What was in my mind when I wrote this? Hmm? A man is trying to reach his lover. His carriage has broken down in the rain. The wheels stuck in the mud. She will only wait so long. This... is the sound of his agitation. "This is how it is... ," the music is saying. "Not how you are used to being. Not how you are used to thinking. But like this.""

Wish I could rate it countless stars. Gary Oldman simply killed it ...
May 31, 2018
The highlight of the movie is Gary Oldman's performance. He is a true chameleon and an incredible actor. It's amazing how he gives himself to the role.His Beethoven is very touching, especially on the scenes that shows the composer deafness. I also loved the fact that they used Beethoven's masterpieces in the soundtrack. On the other hand, the supporting cast does not work very well and the scenery looks very artificial.
December 29, 2017
One of the greatest films of all times. Gary Oldman gives the performance for the ages as the passionate, difficult and troubled composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. In every way this film is a counterpart to the equally brilliant Amadeus. The cinematography is breathtaking, the music (arranged by Georg Solti) is a brilliant compilation of Beethoven's work that matches up with every scene in the film. The story is a brilliant dramatization of the composer's romantic life centered around his music and boldly attempts to answer one of history's great romantic mysteries: Who was the composer's "immortal beloved" who he left all his possessions and music too after his death?
December 21, 2017
my fav film about beethoven. Gary Oldman is an incredible actor. what an incredible performance all around. absolutely loved it
October 29, 2017
Great music, great cinematography, and a story line that - unlike Amadeus - is not clearly inconsistent with history.
½ April 27, 2017
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February 1, 2017
I enjoyed this movie, i thought it was very good, not a mindblower, but Gary Oldman was great to watch, a magnetic performance, really gave me a sense of Beethoven.
½ January 30, 2017
Beautiful and heartbreaking. Obviously the score is amazing.
½ January 14, 2017
Amazing story of Ludwig von Beethoven told through flashbacks while a friend of the Maestro tries to find who is 'immortal beloved' is.

This movie is just about perfect. The acting is so real it hurts, the cinemtography, sets, costumes, actors; they are all perfect.

And then there is the soundtrack....
January 3, 2017
Strong and loyal to it's main subject, this biopic focuses more on Beethoven as an individual, rather than an artistical figure, but Gary Oldman's portrayal as "The Maestro" is what makes this movie a worthy take on one of the most distinguishing figures in universal culture.
November 7, 2016
3 ud af 5 høretragte. Nok den hidtil bedste film om musikkens Einstein. Gary Oldman spiller Beethoven i tilbageblik efter komponistens død, hvor en sekretær forsøger at finde den mystiske kvinde, den gamle døve gnavpot har indsat som arving i sit testamente. Alene lydsporet er det hele værd.
½ June 22, 2016
This biography of Ludwig von Beethoven (played here by Gary Oldman) builds its narrative around an actual letter found after his death, addressed only to the composer's "immortal beloved."
April 22, 2016
I bought this movie in every video format through the years. This is a ridiculously low amalgamated score.
March 23, 2016
It's probably been almost 20 years since I first/last saw IMMORTAL BELOVED on VHS, but it made enough of an impression on me to have remembered it all these years. As a pianist and classical music lover, it should come as no surprise that Beethoven is one of my favorite composers, having written some of the greatest works in the repertoire. Ergo, this film, which combines two of my great interests (history and music), is one of my favorites. By no means is it perfect or, to be honest, historically accurate (the film's central conceit mostly), but it paints an interesting portrait of a tortured artist. The premise behind the film, faulty though it may be, is that Beethoven, upon his death, left his entire estate to an "Immortal Beloved," and Schindler, his secretary, spends the bulk of the film going around to find out who this mysterious person is. Thus, Beethoven's story is told in flashbacks by people who knew him, not unlike the similarly themed AMADEUS (although this film is decidedly less comical). As such, we only get fragmentary glimpses into who Beethoven was a person. However, Gary Oldman makes up for this narrative/structural issue by giving a very humanistic portrayal of someone, who by many accounts, was very difficult to get along with. And by the end of the film, with the central question (sort of) answered, we have reached a deeper understanding of what drove and motivated him, regardless of the historical accuracy of what we have seen. From a technical perspective, Bernard Rose put together a film that is beautiful to behold, with exquisite period detail and cinematography. The score is composed entirely of Beethoven music, and I thought that his more well-known pieces were put to good use in various scenes. In particular, his Pathetique Sonata and Choral Symphony were quite moving in the context of the film. Finally, everyone in the cast gave excellent performances, but especially Gary Oldman, who disappeared into his role like he always does. His vocal delivery did have shades of Count Dracula (at least in terms of register), but it really wasn't too much of an issue. Ultimately, IMMORTAL BELOVED is a sumptuous period drama which, although playing with the facts, provides some keen insights into artistry and the passions that compel us.
½ July 29, 2015
Thanks to Oldman's spectacular performance and the film's captivating screenplay, this Beethoven biopic deems itself a a beautiful film of fantastical proportions.
December 13, 2014
Vastly underrated, beautifully told with the utmost melancholy and a masterful performance by Oldman who completely disappears into the role of the tortured artist.
September 11, 2014
I am not sure why the critics where so harsh towards this film. It is an epic, beautiful, and emotional masterpiece. Gary Oldman gives what I consider to be the performance of a lifetime as Beethoven and all the supporting cast where fantastic as well. The movie is brilliantly set to the music of the great composer , which is fitting considering that his music is like a soundtrack for his life! The movie was shot on location in Europe with period costumes and it completely
transports me to the decadence of that time period.
The movie really shows Beethoven as a tortured soul who could be very rough and abrasive on one hand, but incredibly kind and romantic on the other.Some people think Gary Oldman was miscast in this because the real life Beethoven was not nearly as handsome. My response, who cares?? He embodies the spirit of Beethoven both in his expressions, and his personality. I have read biographies on this composer and Gary totally captured him.
Some cinematic license is taken in this film due to the fact that the Immortal Beloved was never discovered, but it is truly fascinating to speculate about who it could have been. All of the women Beethoven is with in this film are beautiful,strong willed, and passionate, and are all played by amazing actresses, including the flawless Isabella Rossallini.
Gary Oldman has been deserving of an academy award for some time now. He has the remarkable ability to change his body, voice, and personality completely into the character he is playing.Never has he deserved the nomination more than he did for this film.
Overall, this film is a grand, sweeping, and emotionally profound work of art. It is right up there with some of the greatest films ever made. I do not often give perfect scores to films, but there is just not a single flaw in this. It is mesmerizing entertainment from start to finish!
September 8, 2014
Georg Solti and the London Symphony Orchestra provide the backbone for this embroidered yet snarky depiction of Beethoven. It is probably one of the least dated films of the 90's and gets better with repeated viewing. The soundtrack is a real chestnut and I listen to it on a monthly basis. "Ghost" is a high point of the movie and really wows me each time.
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