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November 13, 2014
***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***
½ February 10, 2014
thought it was ok for some of it,got confused close to the end and was disappointed by the end. it was bittersweet to see how it played out and stephen griscz was confusing over all. i'd say if you're curious to see it,i guess its worth giving a shot,but don't have high hopes for it to be fantastic
December 8, 2013
I was hoping Jude Law good bring something interesting to a stale and boring genre that for lack of a better term I'll call "creature feature drama." The featured creature here is a vampire, which happens to be played by Jude Law! Jude Law a vampire? How can that not be interesting? Watch and this and you will find out very quickly! The only thing engaging about the entire film was seeing Ivo Saliger's "Der Arztz" on the wall of the vampire's lair. It's otherwise an exercise in pretentious boredom with morality statements about the nature of mankind that could be penned by a teenager high on mildly illegal substance feeling the weight of realizing they will have to take responsibility for their actions and act like an adult, in about 10 years.
September 10, 2013
Slick alternate approach to a vampire story.

Steven snares women, then bleeds them dry. By the time someone catches up to one, he's on to the next.
The film opens with a car in a tree with copious blood flowing out of it. This was a former girl friend of Steven's.
Steven prevents a woman, Maria, from committing suicide, then romances her. Later he dumps her body in some quicksand. The body is found by a Spanish fisher. Steven gets a visit from the police.
Anne Labels is a structural engineer whom Steven meets at a museum.
Steven saves the inspector from a gang. The gang re-appears later while Steven is with Anne; the leader means to use her. Steven beats up the other four gang members and gets Anne away from the leader. He subdues the leader; she returns with a weapon; they leave more or less unscathed.
The police bring him in for more interviews.
The police give up for a time when the inspector learns from Maria's friends that she was contemplating suicide and that Steven prevented it. Steven returns the crucifix that the gang leader stole from the inspector at their first meeting.
Steven falls in love with Anne. He needs her blood, but he cannot do it.
Such a quandary.

Cinematography: 10/10 Sweet; well done.

Sound: 10/10 Also good.

Acting: 10/10 Top notch.

Screenplay 9/10 A little slow moving, but well-constructed.
½ June 30, 2013
Elegante puesta en escena pero aburrida historia de vampiros.Mediocre.
½ February 27, 2013
I really liked this movie, the odd thinking man's vampire tale is a breath of fresh air. I've always liked Jude Law, and he was particularly effective here. Those looking for something different than the usual bloodletting should seek this out.
January 31, 2013
Loved this movie! It was the most fascinating vampire genre film I ever seen and was the most beautiful in its own sad melancholy way. The production's beautiful photography, sets, the whole look of it was amazing! And the story was great--very original.
½ January 22, 2013
Talk about not judging a film by its title. This turned out to be quite the wonderful artsy vampire film. Lots of good performances and Timothy Spall as a good guy!? Needless to say Jude Law plays a bloodsucker beautifully.
December 9, 2012
This was a pretty interesting story and Jude Law was perfect for this role.
½ July 1, 2012
Surprised no one had done this wrinkle on the vampire story before and that this never became a cult film and just passed into obscurity. Great script and production design.
½ May 15, 2012
As an amatuer vampire movie buff, I was extremely disturbed by the plot, imagery, character portrayal, and flow of the movie!!! I was left literally with a feeling of severe discordance as related to the morbidly pitiful attempt of all parties involved with the creation of this movie.. hence the reason for my rating the movie with a low 2.5 stars.. and that is being gracious.... I compromised my distaste for this movie in the process of rating only because of the thematic portrayal of Jude Law's character as a broken and seemingly dangerous lead character who somehow manages to retain within a large sense of poetic and romantic wisdom that puts me in the mind of the misguided dark characters that flowed throughout the short stories and poems written by one of my favorite artistic geniuses, Edgar Allan Poe. Ok.. I basically gave the film an "E" for effort.. the movie was simply terrible.. most definitely was OVERTHOUGHT especially Ianthe genre of vampires and vampirism in movies! It didn't flow well at all, and the movie as a whole from beginning to end truly "FLEW OVER MY HEAD AND BELOW MY KNEES!"
April 5, 2012
I initially rented this film because of the combination of Jude Law, Jack Davenport and Timothy Spall. I must say the WHOLE cast delivered outstanding dramatic performances in this piece. I was enthralled and moved (sometimes beyond words... which is saying quite a lot from me). It's no secret that Jude is one of our generations best actors. To his credit there wasn't a moment that I thought I was watching Jude Law. I think that's the best compliment one can give an actor. There was more there than that though. The story is devoid of B.S. or choosing sides. It simply describes the pain that every being, mortal or otherwise, is compelled to deal with. The heartless reality of life... and death. It showed that every action has a reaction and that we are ALL damaged in some way shape or form. If you're looking for a slasher movie, don't rent this. If you're looking for a typical bloodsucking vamp flick... go away. This is a film for thinkers.
October 29, 2011
Scary as hell. But attractive.
½ June 8, 2011
A very different sort of vampire movie. An excellent performance by Jude Law is supported by an excellent performance by Elina Lowensohn. The script is intelligent and unpredictable. This is not a typical horror film -- it provokes thought not fear.
½ February 20, 2011
It's a movie with an excellent premise but peters out at the end. Jude Law plays a man who needs the blood of his loved women to survive. Is he a vampire? I won't say because the movie doesn't explain. Some of the dialogue is turgid with repeated lines like "I need your blood inside me to make me live."

It starts off really well with mystery. Law's girlfriend is killed and he gets involved with a suicidal woman. When the woman's body is found by fishermen, he becomes the main suspect. The cat-and-mouse between Law and the police insepector (a quietly effective Timothy Spall) is entertaining but the gang they fight seems less of reality than the Jets in "West Side Story." The picture gets melodramatic with the love story with Elina Lowensohn as Anna, an engineer. She's just as enigmatic as Law so it's obviously they have issues and not just that Law will need to kill her for her loving blood.

The cinematography and set designs are top notch. "Immortality" in retrospective is a cerebral drama but doesn't pay off emotionally for the viewer.
February 4, 2011
I don't know why, but I've been on a real vampire movie kick lately. It seems to be my latest OCD-ish horror buying obsession; way back in my infant-like beginning stages of Horror Nerd-ness, slasher flicks were my thing. After getting tossed aside like a $20 whore, J- and K-horror were my next conquest. Then Dario Argento. And now, after a long period of just buying whatever the hell I felt like, I'm all about Hammer Studios and a certain Gothic vampire played by Christopher "Never Seems to Age" Lee. Nevertheless, all this blood feasting jogged my memory, and made me search out one of my old favorites from the Horror Nerd library.

Ahhh..."The Wisdom of Crocodiles." Sure, it may say Immortality on the United States DVD cover, but it's still real (and European) to me, dammit! THIS particular motion picture was purchased by yours truly during a different, non-horror binge - that being a buying session devoted to my favorite actor of all time, Jude "The Pimp" Law. In the past, I've annoyed pretty much anyone who will listen yammering about the greatness of all things Jude, so the short, short version - there's actors who take easy roles and then do something slightly out of their element, netting instant Oscar gold, and then there's the ACTOR'S actors, who seek out challenges at every turn. That's Jude Law; he pulls off a seamless disappearing act in his movies...but wait, I'm yammering. Yeah, he's awesome, and it's not a man crush, I swear.

Well, "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" was a little independent horror movie released in the U.K. way back in 1998. It came out before Law's arrival Stateside via The Talented Mr. Ripley and the Oscar nomination put him on the A-list map and set him on the fast track to having enough money to afford a solid gold island. As such, what you get with this movie is the best of many different worlds; a screenplay that ignores the conventions of mainstream horror flicks (jump scares, easily digestible plots, emo teenage victim characters, etc.), and a young, hungry actor at the top of his game, eager to cut his teeth and prove his worth. Or something.

Long-winded introductory soliloquy is over. With that...

Most horror films wish they could be as good as the first twenty minutes of "The Wisdom of Crocodiles." We are introduced to Steven Grlscz (pronounced "Grillsh," and played by Law), a charming, likable man who saves a depressed woman from killing herself in London's subway. He takes her home to his apartment, impresses her with a few parlor tricks, guides her to his bedroom, begins making love to her, then bites her right in the freakin' neck and murders her. The screenplay isn't lazy with the implications of the act, either, as this part of the story lingers and lingers. Much like Norman Bates cleaning up after his mother during the middle sections of "Psycho," we see every aspect of Steven's body disposal, as he dumps the spent corpse in a remote swamp.

To state the obvious, Steven Grlscz is indeed a vampire, although the "V" word is never once even mentioned in the movie. The rules of vampirism in the world of "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" are completely unlike anything I've ever seen in a movie before. He is able to walk about freely in the daylight and he doesn't have overly theatrical fangs, for starters. As for the quirks that this story introduces, Grlscz has many. His victim choice is limited exclusively to women, and there seems to be a stipulation that the women must have some degree of love for him, hence the seduction aspect. He also seems to have next to no control over his bodily functions, requiring some sort of mechanical contraption to breathe while he sleeps. This is some weird movie.

As the movie's second act begins, Grlscz (who works by day as a sketch artist) meets Anne Levels (Elina Lowensohn, who is very likable and engaging in the role), a beautiful factory foreman who also suffers from debilitating asthma. I don't know how many beautiful female factory foreman exist in the world (since I work in a factory, and all of my bosses are Christian Bale-grizzled dudes), but I swear, it comes across as much more realistic than it sounds. There's your main plot cog, people - Grlscz sets his sights on Anne as his next victim to add her to his collection of trophies, with the wholly expected twist being that his love for kind-hearted Anne will eventually save him.

In this regard, there's nothing minty-fresh about this film. In its other touches, however, this is truly a one-of-a-kind vampire movie. For starters, it actually deals with the logistics of how a modern-day vampire would go about his business, and makes the movie-opening serial killer montage carry some weight as the body of Grlscz's initial victim is found. Rather than attempt to cover up and lie his way out of it, Grlscz takes an interesting approach to foiling the law - he becomes an active participant in the investigation, even becoming semi-friends Inspector Healey (Timothy Spall), the lead investigator in charge of the case. Instead of being an antagonistic relationship, the two characters become genuine friends, especially after Grlscz assists Healey recover his wedding ring from a gang of street punks.

Of course, it's the sordid details that really stick with you, and there's plenty to be had here. The opening murder scene, the strange collection of "emotions" that Grlscz has harvested from his victims (it seems that he somehow "absorbs" whatever each of his females feels about him at the moment of their death), and the scene where Anne has to deal with a dying co-worker after suffering a horrible on-the-job accident are all gritty aspects of the story that do tons to endear the story and make it stick out in your mind.

In the end, that's what makes this movie something special. "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" is just an inherently unique vampire film; the characters are well-crafted (even Inspector Healey is portrayed as sympathetic), the writing seems as logical as possible for a movie about a love-feeding vampire roaming about in modern-day London, and the acting is quite simply fantastic. You'd be hard-pressed to find five vampire films that feel as realistic as this one, but you'd also be hard-pressed to find five that are as emotional. Twi-tards, check this movie out - this, along with "Let the Right One In," represents the "vampire love story" done without absolutely neutering the subject matter.
January 23, 2011
An interesting twist on the vampire theme ... <3
½ December 11, 2010
I watched it on TV late last night, and I was nicely surprised. Very interesting idea.
½ December 1, 2010
Since I'm drawn to vampires, this was a must-watch.
I liked the new idea...
½ November 25, 2010
A refreshing take on the tried and true vampire mythology. The film mysteriously taunts you with small tidbits of information before revealing over the course of the movie the morbidness of immortality and the amorality and coldness of survival instincts.

Side note: I only knew this to be titled 'The Wisdom of Crocodiles' which is a far better title than the glib 'Immortality'.
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