The Importance of Being Earnest Reviews

March 26, 2009
[An] utterly miscalculated film adaptation of Wilde's play.
November 1, 2007
This may be a less than ideal "Earnest," but it still has delights...
June 24, 2006
You might suppose that Oscar Wilde's theatrical evergreen is indestructible. But that would be to reckon without the intervention of 'writer'/director Parker, who really makes a pig's ear of this silk purse.
August 7, 2004
Wilde subtitled his masterpiece "A Trivial Comedy for Serious People." This movie seems intent on being a trivial comedy for trivial people.
August 9, 2002
July 20, 2002
The Importance of Being Earnest resonates and inspires rapid-fire bouts of laughter, perhaps even a few giggles from the author himself, whom posterity has rewarded the last laugh.
June 6, 2002
Though Mr. Parker's The Importance of Being Earnest is pleasant enough in its casting and performances, it doesn't work as it should.
June 3, 2002
Beautifully done.
June 1, 2002
[Everett] mugs away desperately as the feckless Algernon Moncrieff and overplays Mutt to the Jeff of Colin Firth, who renders earnest Jack Worthing in his usual key of hunky worrywart as he struggles opposite Frances O'Connor's wan Gwendolen.
May 31, 2002
Rupert Everett gets Wilde in his bones, but this well-cast adaptation somehow feels obvious and overblown.