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Independent writer/director Robbie Bryan makes his feature filmmaking debut with this thriller about a series of gruesome murders that all tie in to a popular social networking website. In the aftermath of a tragic shooting involving a jilted lover, eight members of the FaceSpace chat-room are being methodically slaughtered in their own homes. Perhaps Sandra Wilson (Terri Colombino), a thirty-something professional with a decidedly mysterious past, holds the key to solving this bloody mystery. But she's not the only suspect, because unstable Bostonian Janet King (Miranda Kwok), ambitious Professor Uberoth (William Forsythe), haunted model Lindsay Jefferies (Gabrielle Anwar), phone sex operator "Meltnurmouth" (Jane Dashow), and special effects artist Mark Sanders (Wilson Jermaine Heredia) all seem to have a motivation for murder. Meanwhile, as FBI Agents Otis Washington (Tony Todd) and Lori Romano (Brooke Lewis) race to capture the killer, Lori's brother Joe (Frank Grillo) realizes that he may hold the clue that will crack the case wide open.
Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure , Drama , Horror , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Robbie Bryan
In Theaters: wide
Anchor Bay Entertainment

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iMurders is fairly typical, predictable, and often times scattered.

Full Review… | October 7, 2009

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A decently entertaining slasher film, iMurders needed a bit more emphasis on the murder and gore and less on the forgettable, badly-acted characters to make a genuinely good horror film. Still, something about it made it enjoyable for fans of such films, and I didn't see the ending coming....

Al Miller
Al Miller

It's important to point out that this movie is entirely horrible. But it's one of those films that's so bad, you just have to keep watching it because of its accidental entertainment value. It's incredibly predictable and terribly produced, but it's got some truly hilarious moments... for all the wrong reasons. I enjoyed this, I'm just not really sure why.

Amanda Hendsbee
Amanda Hendsbee

iMurders had a great story, some excellent actors and performances and yet it was pretty bad. Watching the interviews afterward, everyone was excited about making this film. It would have served their purposes to have rewritten the script a few more times to make it interesting. Because this movie dragged. It's not polite to knock a first-time director, but a lot of this suckiness falls on his shoulders. When you have the amount of talent he had coming to work for him, abuse their talent. Give them characters to sink their teeth into to. There was nothing going on. Few scenes had any amount of conflict or interest. It was slow and dull. For gorehounds, there's gore, but it's not suspenseful or turn your head away. It's not bad, but not good either. It's just there. Such a shame to waste an all star line-up.

Jimmy Lambert
Jimmy Lambert

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