In Her Shoes Quotes

  • Simon Stein: Look, I know this isn’t my business, but I can’t not say anything. You have rights, legal options for getting your job back.
    Rose Feller: I don’t want it back.
    Simon Stein: You don’t? I thought you loved it. You were always the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave at night.
    Rose Feller: I know. Not because I loved it
    Simon Stein: Then why?
    Rose Feller: I don’t know. Maybe I was scared of what would happen if I wasn’t there.
    Simon Stein: Oh what? Like the place will fall apart without you?
    Rose Feller: With law freaks like you there? Never.
    Simon Stein: [laughs]
    Rose Feller: No, I wasn’t worried about the office. I guess it was more…me…and what would happen to me without those people to please and those tasks to get done. Like…maybe…those were the things holding me together. And without them, I’d…fall apart.
    Simon Stein: But you didn’t.
    Rose Feller: I guess not.
    Simon Stein: So what does hold you together?
    Rose Feller: [shakes head and shrugs]
    Simon Stein: For me, it’s the law, politics the Sixers and good food.

  • Rose Feller: I don't know what's wrong with your girls. My Marcia never uses the word vagina!
    Maggie Feller: My Marcia doesn't even have a vagina!
    Rose Feller: Oh, My Marcia has a vagina alright, but my Marcia's vagina is made of solid 24 carrot gold!
    Maggie Feller: My Marcia's vagina is so perfect, it's in a museum!

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