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In Her Skin Quotes

  • Caroline Reid Robertson: Today was the end of my life.

  • Rachel Barber: If you really wanted to lose weight, you would dance.

  • Caroline Reid Robertson: It'll be painful, difficult, but I'll change.....I want to be happy.

  • Caroline Reid Robertson: I used to think of you as my friend and sometimes you hurt me so badly--I wish you were dead!

  • Caroline Reid Robertson: I'm suffocating.

  • Mike Barber: (crying) She's dead! She's dead!

  • Missing Persons Boss: People who don't want to be found, can't be found.

  • Elizabeth Barber: I know she's not dead. I'd feel it.

  • Elizabeth Barber: I know that we have to find her. She's in trouble.

  • Elizabeth Barber: She's never late.

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