In My Skin (Dans ma peau) Reviews

August 31, 2004
June 4, 2004
As it is, it's a silly, if simultaneously deadpan and stomach-churning, psychological portrait of one crazy lady.
February 19, 2004
All you're left with is a bloody mess, in more ways than one.
February 5, 2004
Like most stories about addiction, it turns into a bit of a bore.
December 23, 2003
A spellbinding, forceful film that refuses to be ignored.
December 5, 2003
As disquieting a portrait of psychosis as has ever spilled across the screen.
November 28, 2003
A bloody mess.
November 7, 2003
Needless to say, In My Skin isn't for everybody. It's recommended to viewers who, like Esther, want to feel something, no matter how distasteful.
November 7, 2003
Lacking Cronenberg's or David Lynch's cinematic style, the film eventually becomes a numbing, repetitive and, yes, gross exercise in would-be shock value.
November 7, 2003
If you can get beyond the ick factor, there awaits an accomplished movie in the tradition of David Cronenberg, in which the body's festering serves as a departure point for an exploration of what makes humans tick.
November 6, 2003
Turns an Oprah-worthy subject -- female self-mutilation -- into a gruesome and surprisingly funny bit of Grand Guignol.
November 6, 2003
Not easy, but it is thoroughly cinematic and gripping.
November 6, 2003
Is as unrelenting an exploration of isolation and dissociation as Roman Polanski's Repulsion.
November 6, 2003
Although it ultimately collapses under the weight of its repulsive imagery ... De Van's film is one of the few features in recent memory that explores violence intellectually, rather than to employ it simply for easy entertainment.
November 6, 2003
I can't claim that I honestly 'enjoyed' it, yet perhaps it's a form of praise to say that In My Skin is an experience you won't easily shake.