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Funny, quirky, and bittersweet, In Search of a Midnight Kiss is a romantic comedy with a heart and a brain -- and stands as a sharp debut for director Alex Holdridge.



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Twenty-nine-year old Wilson has just had the worst year of his life. He is new to Los Angeles; and onthis special night; he has no date, no concrete plans and every intention of locking the doors and forgetting that the past year ever happened--that is until his best friend, Jacob, browbeats him into posting a personal ad on 'Craig's List'. When Vivian, a strong-willed woman hell-bent on being with the right guy at the stroke of midnight responds, a chaotic, comedic journey through streets of L.A. begins.


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  • Nov 10, 2013
    Okay, like others, I found the characters to be insultingly banal and nearly turned this off part way in. A lot of over-the-top cussing seemed a lazy way of spicing up the film. But at some point, this viewer began to find sympathy for the characters. Yes, the script is unpolished. Yes, the actors are not ever going to find work in studio Hollywood. And, yes, the story is a little bit hokey. But so help me, it works on some level. I think the turning point was the psychotic ex-boyfriend and his hilarious rant over what he was going to do to Wilson (Scoot McNairy). (Scoot? Really? I mean, seriously? What kind of name is Scoot?) At that point, this viewer was ready to give in to the madness and let this puppy take me wherever it seemed to be heading. Think Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, but with Craigslist as the cupid, and New Years Eve in LA as the backdrop. This one goes it one better with a bittersweet ending that makes as much sense as the rest of it. I think I liked the music better here, too. (Watched in December, 2009)
    Mark A Super Reviewer
  • Nov 30, 2010
    Despite the fact that In Search of a Midnight Kiss was shot with that cheap digital video that I HATE, HATE, HATE, (seriously, I let out an audible sigh every time I realize that the movie I'm about to see uses it) I found it to be pretty enjoyable. Refreshing, even. It's a tale of loneliness, Los Angeles, and New Year's Eve. Depressed and lonely Wilson puts an ad on Craigslist at the bidding of his best friend, in a last-ditch effort to not be alone on New Year's Eve. The ad is answered by an aspiring actress named Vivian, and the two of them meet and spend the rest of the day in a long, rambling, eventful date that takes them through various parts of Los Angeles. It's actually a lot cooler than I make it sound. Sort of a drama and a realistic comedy, with the ups, downs, joys, and uncertainties of a real relationship condensed into the events of one night. There's genuine chemistry between the two leads, and the whole thing feels surprisingly genuine, if you let yourself get into it. Crappy video aside, this is a movie that I'd recommend to anyone, be they romantic or jaded.
    Lewis C Super Reviewer
  • May 18, 2010
    This film is worth a watch and I like the way in which it attempts to look at situations like the stigma of internet dating and what things like New Years Eve means to different people (especially being alone during this time). At times its very funny (especially the opening scene) and I really liked the way it showed LA in a very anti glitzy light. The main down side for me is that I just didnt find it believeable and the date itself especially so. Normally I wouldnt hold this against a film as at times you have to suspend belief but I think this contridicted what the film was trying to achieve? Performances were good though and Scoot McNairy was especially convincing in the sensitive Geeky\Nerd role.
    Justin F Super Reviewer
  • Dec 28, 2009
    What can I say about this movie. For me to watch this film it was an emotional journey enjoyable realistic and funny at the same time. Very touching with one of the funniest openings I have ever seen. It is about the pressure to belong ? to be with someone ? to be part of a moment that society deems special. Here we have ? the New Year?s Evening kiss. Our hero Wilson meets up with girl named Vivian who is so annoying at first and only the pressure to not be alone on New Year's Evening keeps him hanging with her. It captures perfect the feeling of living and dating in this day and also it is one of the few films I have seen that manages to focus both the male and female points of view with very funny and truthful way. The actors are all fantastic specially Scoot McNairy and Sara Simmonds. Watching the film I felt like it was something I could relate to. Everyone has a year "don't want to get out of bed and acknowledge New Year's Evening? and we have been through or felt similar. You will laugh out loud, you will get annoyed, you will feel up, you will feel down and you will feel some genuine heart ache. The film is a great piece of writing, directing and acting and becomes realistic portrayal of relationships. Another great point of this film is the black and white shots of LA. It is the most interesting background for this story revealed in graphic images of old Los Angeles, including a visit inside buildings of the old theatre district, whose musty stages are now dark and silent. A superb romantic comedy highly recommended. Scorpions are closed the film. I folow the Moskva Down to Gorky Park Listening to the wind of change An August summer night Soldiers passing by Listening to the wind of change The world is closing in Did you ever think That we could be so close, like brothers The future's in the air I can feel it everywhere Blowing with the wind of change <div style="width:535px;"><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a><div style="text-align:center;font-size:10px;"><a href="">Flixster</a> - Share Movies</div></div>
    Arianeta L Super Reviewer

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