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47 Meters Down doesn't take its terrifying premise quite as far as it should, but its toothy antagonists still offer a few thrills for less demanding genre enthusiasts.



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Two sisters vacationing in Mexico become trapped in a shark cage on the ocean floor. As their oxygen starts to run out and with great white sharks circling them, the sisters must find a way to get to the surface alive.


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  • But on its own B-movie terms 47 Meters Down works just fine, not wearing out its welcome thanks to its quick set-up, rapid pacing and brief running time.

    Dec 27, 2017 | Full Review…
  • After the success last year of The Shallows, here's another schlocky but brazenly entertaining thriller pitting American woman against homicidal shark in Mexico.

    Jul 27, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

    Ed Potton

    Times (UK)
    Top Critic
  • A silly but intensely terrifying addition to the wave of shark thrillers out there.

    Jul 27, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…
  • An unpretentious film whose destiny it is to toil in the shadow of Steven Spielberg's Jaws.

    Jul 26, 2017 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • This low budget but highly-effective horror film is exactly the kind of movie that legendary Hollywood D-movie producer Roger Corman would have knocked out in the '70s: plenty of writhing female limbs, no surprises.

    Jul 14, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

    Tom Seymour

    Time Out
    Top Critic
  • Even at 89 minutes, you can feel the oxygen running out of this movie.

    Jun 23, 2017 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for 47 Meters Down

  • Jul 12, 2018
    Incredibly intense, 47 Meters Down is a frightening thriller that gives Jaws a run for its money. While on vacation in Mexico two sisters go on a dive in a shark cage, but when an accident causes the cage to break free from its moorings the girls end up trapped at the bottom of the ocean with limited air and surrounded by sharks. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt both give strong performances; especially given that they're underwater and in full diving gear for most of the film. Also, the script does a pretty good job at having the girls work through their problems and attempt to find rescue. And the shark attacks (though not very realistic) are terrifying, and are made more so by a remarkably powerful score that heightens the tension and suspense. 47 Meters Down is a fresh and exciting horror film that delivers some bone-chilling scares.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • May 18, 2018
    I'm starting this review less than 2 hours after finishing my review for Don't Kill It and less than 40 minutes after finishing this flick. I figure I've got nothing else to do, so I might as well get this review out of the way and avoid facing the same issues that I faced with the prior review, where I began writing it 20 minutes prior to starting that night's movie. I don't know if I may have talked about this in an older review, but I do not know how to swim. In fact, and again, I don't know if I've shared this, but I almost drowned when I was a little kid. Obviously, that traumatic experience has kept me from learning how to swim for the rest of my life, though I want to. It just seems like a practical skill to have, since you never know what can happen, even if I try to stay away from the ocean as much as I can. It's not like I won't go to beaches or anything of the sort, it doesn't go that far, but I just don't go to the beach as often as I probably should considering that I live on a tropical island. I joke around with a friend of mine about my inability to survive for any length of time in the ocean. In fact, I told this friend, yesterday, that if I was the main character of this movie. It'd probably be called 0.5 Meters Down: Fear Personified. There would also be a sequel called 1 Meter Down: Instant Death. Seriously though, and this is something that I've said many times, I feel that the horror movies that most resonate with people are those movies that feel like it's something that could happen to them. I'm not necessarily saying that these films are better horror movies than, say, Rosemary's Baby or Evil Dead 2 (the first two names that came to mind), but they're just ones that they can believe that it might actually happen to them. I Googled this movie, fairly recently, and one of the first articles that came up, the title at least, said that the movie fails dive science. I didn't read the article, so I'm just reacting from the title of the article. But, maybe, just maybe, have people thought about the fact that maybe this movie wasn't about faithful and truthful to dive science. I don't think this movie was ever menat to portray it perfectly, but, again, focusing on such a that completely misses the point the movie is trying to make. It's trying to be a horror story and it's trying to get its point across as effectively as it can. People go into movies to buy into the illusion of the narrative that they're trying to sell you. While I get that, in many cases, being as accurate as you can toward a specific subject is key to making sure their narrative works, I don't think it should be as scrutinized as, say, the science in Interstellar was. It's a fucking horror movie, not a mindfuck of a movie that explored so many scientific ideas that it, probably, didn't really do justice to. This is a movie about two sisters, stuck in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean (47 meters down...duh), fighting to survive their ordeal while their oxygen runs out. Oh and, of course, worrying about the fucking sharks that are in the ocean. Look, I was likely to never get into a shark cage to begin with, so this movie didn't really change that, as terrifying as the sisters' entire ordeal was. But, again, focusing on whether or not the dive science is accurate is being purposely ignorant. Now, of course, that's not to suggest that I thought this film was good. I honestly felt that it was missing a little something that would have made it good, in my opinion. I honestly don't know what that missing piece was. Maybe the fact that the majority of the flick takes place underwater. Not that I had a problem with that, it's just that, after a while, the movie gets a little same-y looking. I mean, the sisters are underwater, there's no real way to make that look exciting or fresh across 85 minutes. Another thing is that, honestly, there's no real depth to any of the characters. Lisa is just going through a break-up and, for some reason, she wants this guy back. Kate is...just Lisa's sister. Though, to be fair, she's the one that pushes Lisa to do this shark cage thing to show her ex that she isn't boring, since that was the reason that, apparently, he broke it off with her. That's all there is to the characters. And, really, they're probably relying heavily on the sisterly bond between the two and the ordeal they're going through to carry the film. I guess they're right, to an extent, but I needed a little bit more for me to have thought that this was a good movie. Another thing and I almost hate to point this out given the situation, but Lisa comes across as just so fucking whiny through most of the film. Maybe this was a problem in Mandy Moore's portrayal of the character, but I just wanted her to shut up more than I probably should have considering what she's going through. It might also be the scripting of her character just didn't work. She's just weak and vulnerable and, somehow, that's just now what the movie needed here. I get that Lisa's character was a certain way prior to the ordeal and you have to be consistent with how she was. So it's not like I have a problem with her freaking out a little bit, before eventually calming down. But it seems that all she does is freak out, scream and/or cry. There are moments, later in the film, where she shows a lot of valor in rescuing her sister after she's attacked by a shark. But let's just say that not everything is as it seems. I mean, what I'm referring to has to be pretty obvious if you're following what the people say. I'm not gonna spoil it, but it's gonna be obvious to a lot of you. And that brings us to the ending. Which, all I'm going to say because, again, I don't want to spoil it, it's that it's very poignant to say the least. Given everything that both sisters went to, that ending itself doesn't really inspire great hope in you. Nor is it meant to, so in that regard, the ending was definitely very effective in getting its point across. As far as the sharks are concerned, honestly, the movie doesn't really use them as much as I thought they would have. They're really just there for them to use when they feel like things are getting a little too quiet or too, I don't know, stale? I know that's not the right word, but the sharks aren't as much of a focus for this movie as you would expect. It's more about the ordeal of being stuck 47 meters down underwater, waiting for help while your oxygen is also running out at a relatively rapid rate. In fact, if the film didn't even have sharks to begin with, it wouldn't have really made much of a difference. Well, I mean, it certainly would have, given that one of the major plot points is centered around the sharks. But, I feel, you could have gotten to that conclusion without them. They're not as relevant to the plot as you'd think, so it makes you wonder why they would even be included in the first place. Having said all of that, I thought this was a decent little movie. It's competently made and it makes good use of its concept, for the most part. But the inconsistent acting and weak characterizations end up hurting the film's chances of being good. Can't really recommend it, but this is a watchable horror movie for some 85-odd minutes.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Dec 30, 2017
    A snorefest of a shark movie. Not nearly enough shark or blood!
    Film C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 28, 2017
    Even at 90 minutes, it feels too long (backstory is overrated) and it never really evolves past jump scares. The ending is surprisingly cynical.
    Alec B Super Reviewer

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