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In the Loop Quotes

  • Simon Foster: It'll be easy peasy lemon squeezy.
    Toby: No it won't! It'll be difficult difficult lemon difficult!

  • Malcolm Tucker: I'm here, I'm there, I'm fucking everywhere. I'm the egg man.
    Simon Foster: Have you come to insult me in a different time zone?

  • Toby: We called some builders. They didn't turn up when they said they would.
    Jamie MacDonald: What did you expect? They're builders! Have you ever seen a film where the hero is a builder? No, no, because they never fucking turn up in the nick of time. Bat-builder? Spider-builder? Huh? That's why you never see a superhero with a hod!

  • Jamie MacDonald: All right, that's enough with the fucking Oxbridge pleasantries.
    Toby: What's Oxbridge about saying hello?
    Jamie MacDonald: Shut it, Love Actually! You want me to hole-punch your face?

  • Malcolm Tucker: You're a real boring fuck I'm Sorry I know you disapprove of cursing so I'll sort it out You are a boring F star star cunt
    Malcolm Tucker: You're a real boring fuck. I'm sorry, I know you disapprove of cursing so I'll sort it out. You are a boring f star cunt.

  • Paul Michaelson: She's got a watering can!
    Paul Michaelson: She doesn't have a hose, she's got a watering can.

  • Malcolm Tucker: Hand me the paper. The Telegraph has a cartoon of you teetering on the Great Wall of China suggesting that you are the only political fuck-up visible from space. Look at this!

  • Malcolm Tucker: Your purview? Where do you think you are, some regency costume drama? This is a government department, not a fucking Jane fucking Austen novel! Allow me to pop a jaunty little bonnet on your purview and ram it up your shitter with a lubricated horse-cock!

  • Malcolm Tucker: I will marshall all the media forces of darkness to hound you to an assisted suicide!

  • Malcolm Tucker: You may have heard him say that, but he didn't say it, and that's a fact.

  • Malcolm Tucker: Hey, General Flinstone!...
    Malcolm Tucker: Hey, General Flinstone!

  • Malcolm Tucker: Fucking hung up, haven't you? You fucking hoity-toity fucking...
    White House Tourist: Hey, buddy? Enough with the curse words, all right?
    Malcolm Tucker: Kiss my sweaty balls, you fat fuck!

  • Paul Michaelson: Am I calm? I'm fucking ZEN!

  • General Miller: Twelve thousand troops. But that's not enough. That's the amount that are going to die. And at the end of a war you need some soldiers left, really, or else it looks like you've lost.

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