In the Mood for Love Reviews

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August 6, 2019
It is a movie of feelings, of words left unsaid, a film that is vibrantly alive, a sensual experience like no other.
November 16, 2018
The settings are wilfully drab - narrow corridors, cramped apartments - yet the fragmentary, richly coloured images are dazzling.
August 28, 2018
In the Mood for Love is delicious eye-candy with rich layers of romantic longing and political tragedy.
April 10, 2018
In the Mood for Love belongs to Cheung, whose beauty lights up the movie like the polar star lights up a winter sky. Cheung is one of the few modern actresses who understands her own physical beauty as an expressive instrument.
November 27, 2017
The problem with In the Mood for Love is that its imagery has far too many face-cards and not enough twos and fives and eights, which, boring as they are, nevertheless constitute the indispensable nitty-gritty of narrative.
September 23, 2017
This is the eroticism of restraint, where desire remains forever buried in secrecy, and in the past. It is also the story of a divided nation, with the body politic inscribed on two almost lovers kept apart.
March 10, 2017
There may be no more sensual director in the world than Hong Kong's Wong Kar-Wai, and In the Mood for Love is one of his richest and most melancholy works, a shadow dance of would-be lovers sketched in suggestions and intimations.
April 15, 2014
So skillfully does the director brings us to a state of breathless expectation that when he refuses to deliver the goods he almost seems to have invented a new form of perversion.
April 15, 2014
In the Mood is a love story told from the point of impact, at the heart, and no conventional resolution could be more profound.
April 15, 2014
In the Mood for Love is a beautifully understated and heart-wrenching story of unrequited passion.
April 15, 2014
It's intelligently conceived, exquisitely crafted and flawlessly acted.
April 15, 2014
The tension between romantic attraction and sexual fulfillment builds to an almost unbearable intensity.
April 15, 2014
Heat rises from the film like steam from its noodle bars. It's enough to make you giddy.
April 15, 2014
Further complemented by the gentle lull of Nat King Cole songs, In The Mood For Love casts a dreamy and melancholic spell that remains unbroken long after the closing credits have rolled.
April 15, 2014
As a study of people determined to remain more true to their values than to their emotions, In the Mood for Love offers an experience like few other films of recent memory.
April 15, 2014
It bleeds color and passion like a Monet in an impressionistic, visually ravishing tale of unrequited love between two repressed souls.
April 15, 2014
While one may be less than happy with the film's narrative turns, Wong Kai-war remains one of those intrinsically visual directors whose work needs to be seen, not described.
February 4, 2013
November 14, 2012
Ethereal, evanescent, evocative of true, ineffable experience, In the Mood for Love is amazing
November 9, 2012
As beautiful as it is to look at, In the Mood for Love is full of passing moments, missed opportunities, and plenty of darkness.
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