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March 4, 2013
'In the Year 2889' is a 1967 b-movie about a group of strangers holed up on a property following a nuclear holocaust. Radiation levels are rising, a horde of cannibal mutants are closing in and mental states are fracturing. Of course it's a tacky movie and not a whole lot happens but given its time of release it's actually kind of fascinating. The mutant effects are grotesque for their time and I reckon if I were a teenager back then i would have lapped it up. What surprised me the most is how similar it is to Night Of The Living Dead and yet this was made one year prior... makes me wonder if Romero was influenced by it. Nuclear energy was still a frightening concept to a lot of people in the late 60s and so these b-movies played right into those fears. This one comes at the tail end of it all and people were probably growing tired of it all but watching it 46 years later I got a nerd-boy kick out of it.
February 6, 2013
Pretty awful end-of-the-world drama. Survivors of a nuclear exchange hide in a mansion in the mountains, fighting off a mutant and each other. It was so lame it really couldn't even be enjoyed on an Ed Wood camp level. It you want a smart end-of-the world film from roughly the same era, "The World, the Flesh and the Devil". Or if you want a modern end-of-the-world film that's absolutely terrifying, watch "The Divide". Or for a clever modern low-budget effort, watch "Right at Your Door", though that one is a disease outbreak scenario.
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