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October 10, 2016
Home invasion thrillers really are a dime a dozen. There's so many of these films that come out that it's really hard to distinguish them. The only way you can really tell them apart is when they're really fucking good or, the other extreme, really fucking bad. When you get to the middle of the road movies, it's kinda hard to differentiate between them and it gets annoying sometimes. Perhaps that's not the right word to describe it, but it's to the point that I just wish someone would just change up the formula. There was one that did, Intruders, so that was appreciated, even if I didn't think that particular film ended up being good. At least it made an effort. Which brings us to this movie and its reception, particularly among the audience. If I'm being completely honest, I thought this was a perfectly solid little home invasion thriller. Is this a reinvention of the genre? No, not even fucking close, but it at least something offers that's somewhat believable within its own context. It's not a movie that goes too over the top with its 'hostage' situation, where Bob, Jane and Jared try to take over the lives of this family that they perceive to be perfect. They want to assume their identities and carry on living their lives as if they were this wealthy family. One of the things I liked about the movie was the fact that it went both ways. In many ways Jade, Bob's 'wife', had been indoctrinated by Bob into believing that she needed him around. And he has also molded Jared into a mini version of himself, where he just takes what he pleases and does what he wants. So, in many ways, Jane was as much a victim, maybe even more so since she has been in this situation for years, than the family whose life they wanted to steal. So I liked that aspect of the film, it gives it some more dynamism in that it doesn't just focus on the situation that Mark, Mary and Brendon are going through, it's also about the abuse Bob has put Jane and Jared, to a lesser extent, through. It's not a movie that's really all that violent, though it doesn't really need to be since I think it's got a relatively strong story. Perhaps strong isn't the right word, but it had a story I could get into and the actors all do a really good job at portraying their characters. Particularly Selma Blair and Rachel Miner, who really are kind of the focus of the film. James D'Arcy also does a good job as Bob. So no complaints on that front. The film, obviously, isn't a technical masterpiece and some elements of the film could have been tightened up, pacing isn't great. But, by and large, I still felt that this was a solid film. Which is why it surprises me that audiences weren't more receptive. Not that I'd expected them to think it was great, but I think it's a better movie than what the audience score, or critics review, would imply. Not saying their opinion is wrong, of course, as everyone is entitled to think what they want. But, for my money, this was a solid little house thriller that focuses more on character as opposed to the family being put in a terrifying situation. Though there's some of that as well, particularly with their young son facing danger. It's not perfect or anything of the sort, but I enjoyed my time with this movie. Can't say I'd recommend it, but I know I liked it. And, really, that's all that matters to me.
½ July 12, 2016
In Their Skin 2012. Home-invasion thriller with a slight twist. Still good and definitely worth watching. Especially for horror fans
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September 3, 2015
Undercooked domestic thriller that smells of a vanity project for Joshua Close, a crappy actor who takes the lead role, and as co-writer manages to include a demeaning nude scene for Selma Blair with him. I watched this because the underrated Rachel Miner has a co-starring role, and she's quite good as an oddball country wife.
½ January 23, 2015
So many "oh my god just grab that heavy object, right there!" moments.
½ September 19, 2014
...I'd like my 96 minutes back...
½ August 18, 2014
Low budget, but well made film. Rachel Miner is particularly disturbing. The problem with this movie is that it is just too difficult to watch and with little point or cinematic "pay-off."
August 5, 2014
Such a haunting film with very engaging performances, especially from the amazing Selma Blair
July 26, 2014
quizás la trama era interesante pero la hicieron pésimamente aburrida y densa.
June 3, 2014
In Their Skin wishes that it were a tense psychological thriller but it is more annoying and boring than anything else as it is yet just another "home in the woods" horror flick that feels like it has been done before. After the tragic death of their daughter, the relatively affluent Hughes family decides that the best way to "get their lives back" is to grieve "off the grid" (of course ... as it is necessary for this specific genre) in their nice summer/vacation home by a random lake in the middle of the woods. The married couple (Joshua Close [The Exorcism of Emily Rose] and Selma Blair [Hellboy]) struggle to reconnect both emotionally and intimately and their living son is just kind of there. When a chipper yet incredibly and uncomfortably odd family shows up offering them some chopped wood (?), they are invited over to the house for dinner and ... well, the new family (James D'Arcy [Hitchcock] and Rachel Miner [The Black Dahlia]) wants more than dinner. They want the Hughes' lives! Even though parts of In Their Skin are superior to other very similar films of this type, predictability in this genre is a killer more deadly than smiling neighbors.
½ May 26, 2014
Quite slow and blatantly obvious.
March 29, 2014
This movie definitely gave me the creeps, but I didn't enjoy much else about it. The acting wasn't good at all, and the storyline was lacking.
March 9, 2014
Really not sure what the point of this was? Its like a cheap version of Funny Games but with no tension or black comedy.

James d'arcy is too weak as the villain of the piece and the pacing is just pedestrain.

Silly and pointless
January 25, 2014
The story line of this film had real promise and there were some convincing acting however the pace was too slow and plot got weaker as it it trundled along. A fairly dry attempt at what could have been a fabulous thriller.
January 22, 2014
decent thriller. lesson to be learned dont not invite creepy neighbors over for dinner! and shoot the kid if he shoots your dog. sum crazy moments and Def a bit twisted. reminds me of the funny games remake but better
½ January 1, 2014
It was okay, but nothing too great about it.
½ December 19, 2013
Thursday, December 19, 2013

(2012) In Their Skin

Starring Joshua Close who was also credited for writing the story along with the director Jeremy Power Regimbal. He plays Mark along with his wife (Selma Blair) and son settling down into a remote home somewhere along the highway. And suddenly get imposed upon by another family unexpectedly named Bobby (James D'Arcy) and his wife and kid, and then the next thing you know this dysfunctional family started terrorizing them for no apparent reason.

Low budget and has been done before from such movies as "The Strangers", "The Last House On The Left" to "Funny Games". Do we really need to see a low budget variation of those movies. I think not.

2 out of 4 stars
December 10, 2013
It's weird how everyone in this movie is... Skinny.

This is pointless "shock horror" at it's worst. Exploitative, depressing, boring, stupid, lame... All these words may be suitable enough to describe this garbage, but they don't seem to be severe enough. This mess is made close to unwatchable due to the shaky cam and filters added to make the movie look gritty.

Everybody has to cry in this movie and when I say "Everybody", I mean "Everybody". People have to shout at each other all the time as well just in case you wanted to watch a Linkin Park concert DVD instead of a movie...

The actors are constantly expressionless or angry in every scene and the dialogue is either swearing or exposition. The child actors are also equally useless and bored in their roles, they all look very unnatural and clueless.

The worst crime is that the movie isn't even remotely scary. It is immensely predictable, far-fetched and there is some of the worst direction I have ever seen here. It's all moving shots and shaky cam which still don't add to the experience.

Stay away from this movie like AIDs.
½ December 2, 2013
Pretty dull movie, over the top in parts & unrealistic...but at least the acting was good.

½ November 23, 2013
Isolated horror and a chilling situation possibly influenced by 'Funny Games' with which it has similarities. There's not a huge amount to technique in the directing to create the scares as they are born out of the situation naturally.
November 17, 2013
Could of, should of been a whole lot better than this drab identity stealing, neighbours from hell story. Not much in the way of tension cranking here, which is really disappointing.
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