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July 4, 2013
Oh, how good the intentions are. Oh, how wonderful the cast is. But oh how naive and unhoned the writing and execution of this science fiction film that attempts to be a humanistic tale full of wisdom and thought- kind of like a typoical Star Trek episode, it even has the same cast- but ends up being way too black and white and overall simple in its too forceful way of banging in its message of curiosity and acceptance.

The story is about Dr Eric Norris (Richard Hatch) who becomes pregnant with an alien embryo. After giving birth to the alien, Norris loses him to the government and a legal battle over the fate of the new lifeform begins. Walter Koenig plays Norris's greedy boss, Marina Sirtis a christian attorney who views the alien as an abomination and drives for its termination. "InAlienable" is kind of fun to watch for any Star Trek / Babylon 5 fan becfause it features so many of the beloved actors from those series. Unfortunately it fails to reach any of the high styorytelling quality those fans would be accustomed to.

"InAlienable" is horrufyingly frustrating. I'd love to love this movie for it's amazing sci-fi -veteran actors and a production team that has corageously embarked on a mission to tell a meaningful tale with a shoestring budget. But no, the thing is just so trashily made, especially on the writing department. Walter Koenig has written the script himself, and I have to say that perhaps he should stick to acting. Hatch in the lead is surprisingly flat, even as Sirtis as the other main villain and political antagonist shines in her only slightly overstating role.
October 22, 2012
Walter Koenig has an interesting premise for a story, but it is terribly executed. If Lifetime did sci-fi, this is where they would start. I am embarrassed for everyone associated with this project (Marina Sirtis...what were you thinking?!?)
½ August 17, 2011
Please don't watch.... just a waste of time...
½ January 5, 2011
very bad.. at least the kid wasn't so bad.. a lot of sci-fi old known actors.
if you watch see till the very end of the credits, best part of the movie x)
½ October 14, 2010
This film tanks any chance for "Moontrap 2"
½ October 8, 2010
As an independent film I expected it to be missing some polish but this was rough in most areas. It had some very well done and enjoyable sequences but they made up a far too small portion of the film. It had lots of the usual suspects from Sci-Fi and that will appeal to some. I found it quite draining to sit through it. It is good to see they are making independent films in the genre but it is bad that I didn't enjoy it. Worth it? NO
½ April 1, 2010
A combination of horrible acting, superficial characters, zero plot and extreme low-budget = a really poor movie.
March 25, 2010
Simply an Outer Limits esp strecthed to feature length. Thou some fun from Sirits' hamming it up royally as the most evil assistant DA going.
½ February 14, 2010
Wow...was this movie made for the sci-fi station or what??? I had extremely high expectations for this film and it was totally a joke. Make-up, dialogue, acting, story, plot, etc,: everything was bad! The story was bland and lame; i won't even get into it. And the worst part is that half-way through the film, it turns into a courtroom drama! I'm not even kidding! 1 hour of courtroom drama over an alien! This has to be the worst story ever written.Ughh i wish i could get my 2 hours back.....oh one more thing....the actress Courtney Peldon is GORGEOUS lol
February 13, 2010
Meet Inalienable, a treasure chest of nerd fanboy gold. InAlienable is the story of a guilt-ridden scientist Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica icon), who lost his bitch wife and adorable son in an auto-accident that was kinda his fault. Many years later, he grieves while ignoring the advances of fellow big-tittied blonde scientist Courtney Peldon (sorry, she engages in pretty sexual scenes, but never shows anything) and continues to get bullied by overall a-hole boss Walter Koenig (Star Trek icon). Things change when an alien parasite inhabits his body and produces a child with him, which he births. The result is a half alien/half human/half squid hybrid that the government immediately steals away and uses for experimentation. The rest of the movie becomes a Kramer vs. Kramer trail drama as Hatch fights to get back his child. Other notable appearances include Alan Ruck (some Star Trek, but most notably Ferris Bueller's Day Off), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: Next Generation), Patricia Tallman (Night of the Living Dead remake) and others. The film was written by Koenig himself and directed by Robert Dyke (who most notably gave us the campy sci-fi/horror film Moontrap, which starred Koenig). Unfortunately, Dyke's direction hasn't improved over the years, and Koenig should probably stick to what he knows best. InAlienable has great intensions and manages to be fun in SOME spots, but overall, this film is too campy and unintentionally hilarious to be taken seriously, which is what these people what you to do. Big-time dramatic scenes filled with anguish, tears, and sorrow that seems Oscar-worthy at first, but given the material and near lack of budget (probably because they spent it pulling together such an eccentric cast), these scenes look just downright ridiculous. There are some decent effects here and there, and a good performance by Hatch, but this film is a CLEAR showcase of Koenig's lack of talent when it comes to scriptwriting. The most funny part would be an outtake at the end of the credits. Bummer.
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