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½ January 17, 2014
A thoroughly crappy sci-fi horror that doesn't even deserve its name to mentioned here....
January 4, 2014
Wow. That's really all I can say about this movie. What the hell is Lochlyn Monro doing in this piece of crap? He deserves much better.
½ August 8, 2012
Poor script, poor acting and just poor! Don't bother wasting time.
December 23, 2011
Infection (Howard Wexler, 2010)

Wow, this movie is bad. Bad in a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie with Even Worse CGI bad. Bad as in "what in the world were you thinking when you came up with this silliness?" bad. Alien invasion stupidity (a lot of reviewers have compared it to Cronenberg's Shivers, though I don't give Wexler credit for knowing that much film history; Slither is a much more recent analogue) with a really, really cheap-looking sci-fi frame set sixty years in the future.

Plot: on September 9, 2009 (the day, we are told in the frame, that the "Modern Plague" began to decimate America-I have visions of computer viruses jumping from PCs to people, but no detail is given on what that is, exactly), a meteorite lands in a small town. It contains wormlike parasites looking for hosts, and immediately starts infecting anyone who comes near it. Meanwhile, Deke Evans (The Healer's Son's Bryan Brewer, who also wrote the script) has come back to town after doing ten years for murder. One of his old classmates, Bowen (Unforgiven's Lochlyn Munro), is now the country sheriff, and all he wants is Deke out of town on a rail. All Deke wants is to pick up his stuff from his mom's house (she doesn't want to see him, either), pick up his old girlfriend Sarah (Elizabethtown's Kelly Pendygraft), and find that rail. Problem is, he bumps into his mom, who has all kinds of venomous words for him, and Sarah is hanging out with another of Deke's old classmates, Billy (Stonerville's Brian Guest), the knuckle-dragging jock. Oh, and of course, there are a bunch of people roaming around the perimeter of town who have been infected by the alien parasite. And, of course, the only person who sees something is wrong is Deke...

Hits every cliché in the book, and hits them hard, with a steel mallet. Acting is pretty awful given the quality of some of the cast (Kent Faulcon from American Beauty plays the deputy who Deke manages to convince there's something going on, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea's Terry Becker is Sarah's grandfather, Deke's mom is played by the wonderful character actress Marcia Moran), the effects are ludicrous, and if that sci-fi frame isn't some of the worst film you've seen in the last year, I'll eat my hat with mustard. *
½ October 11, 2011
Reporter finds letter suggesting government coverup blahblahblah sole survivors tells her story blahblah its fucking alien tapeworms doing the Invasion of the Body Snatchers thing.

Ugh the problems begin with the script and go from there (one of the writers plays the lead "Deke" and it shows because Deke is the only one in town who is competent or capable). Takes a familar story and presents it poorly. Worse it threatens us with a sequeal :| . Avoid. Watch Slither or any of the Body Snatcher movies (there was the original in the 50's and remakes in the 70's and early 90's).
March 29, 2011
This was really bad. Bad story. Bad acting.
½ March 20, 2011
I just happened to be browsing through what all could be streamed from Netflix on my PS3 & i ran across this movie. I thought the cover pic looked pretty cool, so i decided to check it out. OMG..i thought i was gonna kill myself before it was over! This movie is absolutely HORRIBLE! I mean, it's actually kinda funny how bad it is. I'm guessing from the HORRID special effects it might be 1 of those original Sci-fi channel movies. I really don't know. I've never seen any of the actors before (if you want to call them that). It was some of the worst "acting" I've ever seen! It is also 1 of the most BORING horror movies I've ever seen as well. Just..WOW. Plus, the ending made no sense at all. It was just plain stupid. Ugh. I highly advise to NEVER watch this's literally pure torture!
March 7, 2011
One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing at the terrible acting and dialogue.
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