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October 29, 2016
Entertainingly bonkers action (as you'd expect from a Shaw Brothers production) climaxing with the Dragon Princess taking a pounding from Infra-Man's thunder fists!
June 11, 2016
The Shaw Brothers are famous for producing hundreds of kung fu movies, but The Super Inframan ("Chinese Superman") is their response to the popularity of imported Japanese kids shows like Ultraman or Kamen Rider. The "plot" surrounds an evil space witch who attempts to conquer Earth with a gang of awkwardly-costumed monsters and an army of astonishingly flammable henchmen. Her main obstacle lies in the fighting prowess, rocket boots, and hand-animated laser beams of the titular cyborg. The Super Inframan has all the wacky costumes, colorful sets, and ludicrous storytelling of the programs it liberally borrows from, but this movie also contains the tight, balletic fight choreography that's emblematic of a Shaw Brothers film. It's no wonder that the ensuing decades have seen this movie become a minor cult classic.
January 15, 2014
1933's King Kong Is My Ninth Favorite Film Of All Time.
½ July 30, 2012
Early power rangers predecessor.
October 16, 2011
This review I'm making was first spoken by James Rolfe:
"A true gem from the Shaw Bros. Studios. Super Inframan was the first superhero from Hong Kong, known as just plain Inframan here in the United States. It brings to mind Ultraman and Power Rangers, but this is a whole different beast. It starts out pretty nuts, but then it just gets flat-out insane. The opening credits is a seizure inducing trippy flash of colored lights that over stimulates your mind and tells you to get ready, because you're in for some crazy shit. Soon enough, we see a winged dragon creature flipping around and cackling like a maniac. Then it turns into a girl with gold cone tits who starts summoning other monsters with the crack of a whip. We're only getting started. When there's monsters, you need a superhero, so in comes Inframan. He was just a regular guy volunteering in a science lab to be transformed into... well, Inframan. *Scene plays with Inframan sitting up and it replays while closing up on Inframan's face* Did you see that? He sat up, just in case you missed it. *Scene plays with Inframan flipping around* Wanna see his special powers? *Scene plays with Inframan shooting lasers out his wrists and shooting his fist off like a rocket* Why couldn't they show a replay of that? I don't even know what the hell just happened. I can't even comment on this shit. Just watch. *Scene plays with Inframan jumping into the air and kicking a monster, in which the monster explodes* Now your life is complete. This movie has everything. *Scene plays when a girl with black cone tits fires lasers out of the eyes on her clawed hands* When Mrs. Black cone tits starts shooting dinky lasers out the eyeballs on her clawed hands, you're in for a wild time. *Scene: Man is shoved against an electric wall by a tentacle* Tentacles without bodies fry people against electric walls, *Scene: Spacemen fighting henchman and a bug monster* spacemen fight evil henchmen in skeleton suits and horned helmets along with a bug monster that never stops growling. *Scene: Spacemen fighting bug monster* *Imagine these scenes in your head* Yellow lasers vs. red boomerangs, Creature from the Black Lagoon has a horned crown and a red mustache! Even in the background, he hands it off! Look at him swaying back and forth, dancing like a jackass! He's restless! Like, what the fuck?! Why isn't there stuff blowing up right now?! He's gotta move! He's gotta shoot fire out his face! I love the villain's headquarters, on her desk is a cheesy looking bat, and behind her, it looks like King Ghidora's in the Twilight Zone. There's a scene where she becomes the dragon and fights Inframan, and Inframan cuts of her head. The head regenerates, so he has to cut it off again, and again, and again, and again, until he decides "Fuck it! This ain't workin'!" By the way, everything explodes, BOOM!!! Monster flips over a car, BOOM!!! Car explodes! Monster takes a piss, BOOM!!! Piss explodes! Inframan shoots laser, BOOM!!! Laser explodes! Inframan fights weird upside down octapus creature, does flying kick, BOOM!!! Lasers are highly combustible when mixed with water, BOOM!!! Bug monster falls on buildings, BOOM!!! Spear with bowling ball gets thrown, BOOM!!! Monster uses drill, BOOM!!! Pole gets thrown, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!! Inframan hits the control boards, BOOM!!! Inframan picks up dynamite, flies up into the air, throws the dynamite, BOOM!!! Wait a minute, dynamite exploded? Don't be silly. Inframan flips guy into the water, BOOM!!! *Scene: Inframan flies from the position he wasn't in* How did Inframan get over there?! Now BOOM again??!! I'd be afraid to live in this worlds where everything is ignitable, if you stub your toe, hit your head, or trip and fall, you'll go BOOM!!! Look at all this shit going on, I'm really at a loss for words here. *Scene: Water explosion* Oh, there goes Mrs. Cone tits! That makes no sense! But who cares?! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! So, basically, BOOM!!! This could be the best movie ever made. Except, it should come with a warning label. It's highly combustible, and it could go BOOM!!!"
January 17, 2011
This movie is just insane. To be honest, I'm shocked such a film exists. Well, let me just start off by saying, this movie is pretty much about explosions. Anything that happens in this movie is usually followed by a cheesy explosion. The plot is short but sweet, a demonic princess summons a bunch of cheesy monsters to do her bidding. The monsters are great if you are a "Godzilla" fan or even maybe a "Power Ranger Fan". So it should definitely peak your interest. The rest of the story is just our hero, fighting through various monsters with plenty of cheap explosions. There isn't really much I can say overall for this movie so I will try my best. You really have to see it for yourself, its from Japan and its just incredible overall. The way this movie was filmed just blows my mind. In some points within this movie, that are just odd. When the Inframan is finally formed, he arises three times from the same different angle as if it loops.
But all of that aside, I would like to address the beginning of this film. The beginning is just a seizure inducing mess that is extremely trippy and bizarre. It just makes me wonder what the entire point of this introduction was. So after getting through that mess, the movie starts. Although the movie is quite crazy at times it is interesting nonetheless. So give it a try, its crazy but worthwhile. The storyline is a bit of a joke, but the action is good and I give it an 80% because of its sheer originality. Definitely check it out.
½ October 26, 2005
Doing everything that Infra can!

Yea if that Ironman movie ever gets made, or I review the cartoon, I'll probably be using that opening again.

This movie involves Princess Dragon Mom trying to take over the world. A scientist uses a young volunteer to make Infra-Man, a cyborg of unlimited possibilities.

Pretty simplem, my summary doesn't give you the full effect of the movie though. Its actually a pretty fun movie to watch. Infra-Man acts like an old robot anime. Just when you think hes down and out a new power all of a sudden pops up. You'd think it'll get annoying, but its just funny. I'm not sure if its ment to be, but I laughed.

This movie is really fun to watch, and if you happen to find it, you should sit down with a bunch of friends and watch it. You'll all probably get a good laugh by all the crazy things in this movie.
October 19, 2005
[font=Courier New]In a lot of ways, this film is more of a Cult Film than a Great Film. But since my first viewing back in 1994, [i]Infra-Man[/i] has gone onto becoming one of my favorite movies of all time. While some won?t see why I would consider it for this list, others may understand the films na´ve charm and can see its greatness.

A series of natural disasters occur, and the fortress of Princess Dragon Mom (Terry Liu) surfaces from being the Earth?s surface. With her band of hideous mutants, she is planning on conquering Earth, and enslaving all humans for eternity. But a Professor at a local plant is experimenting on a man to create the ultimate weapon.

What emerges from this experiment can only be explained as a strange fusion between Bruce Lee and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Li Hsiu-Hsien plays Infra-Man, the silver and red suited hero. With his weapons ranging from razor sharp blades that can cut through anything, to boots that shoot sparks out of them, Infra-Man wages battle against Princess Dragon Mom and her horde of monsters.

Even though you can spot where the actors enter the monster suits, I still like the different types of monsters this movie offers. There is The Driller Beast, who is a rock monster with tunneling equipment for hands, The Giant Beetle Monster that can grow from small to large in just seconds, The Iron Fists Robots that have slinky limbs that reach far distances and many other great creations.

This movie is completely absurd and ridiculous, but there lies the films greatness. It somehow manages to combine the ludicrous with an unusual amount of entertainment. Most sci-fi films like this have a problem with being boring. I kind of want to give some credit to the Shaw Brothers Studio for making this film better than it normally would have been. To most martial arts fans, this is the studio to go to for entertaining action flicks.

Each of the characters, while noticeably fake, all have a really great look to them. Everything from Infra-Man?s bug eyed suit to the skeleton-clad biker guards, everyone is just so cool to look at. And the movie makes great use out of these character designs, as well as the cool locations.

I know some may still be questioning why I would put this on my Great Films list. I know this movie might not have the same power of previous entries. But like [i]Monster Squad[/i], this film has managed to transcend its cult weirdness, and became something I still enjoy watching over and over. And isn?t that all that really matters to the films we consider great?

This movie is pretty much damn near impossible to find in America at the moment. You can get shoddy DVD-R releases, or try looking for an old VHS copy on eBay or something. Anyway you do it, if you really are into old martial arts movies with a slice of the weird, then [i]Infra-Man[/i] might be what you have been looking for. [/font]
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