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Produced by Chad A. Verdi, Inkubus tells the story of a skeleton crew working the final shift at a soon to be demolished police station. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus (Robert Englund), calmly walks into the station holding the severed head of a murdered girl. Inkubus toys with the crew, allowing himself to be restrained, and begins to proudly confess to his litany of crimes, some dating back to the Middle Ages. Why? Inkubus has a score to settle with the one detective (William Forsythe) that almost put him away some thirteen years ago. To their dismay, the cops quickly become pawns in Inkubus' brutal crowningachievement of murder, gore, and mayhem. They ultimately realize it's his world, they only die in it. -- (C) Official Sitemore
Rating: R (for horror violence/gore, language and some sexuality)
Genre: Horror
Directed By:
Written By: Carl V. Dupré, Glenn Ciano, Carl Dupre
In Theaters:
On DVD: Feb 21, 2012
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William Forsythe
as Ret. Detective Gil D...
Joey Fatone
as Detective Tom Carett...
Jonathan Silverman
as Officer 'Tech'
Michelle Ray Smith
as Officer Erin Cole
Mike Cerrone
as Officer Mudge
Tom DeNucci
as Officer Pax
Tom Paolino
as Officer Meat
Fred Sullivan, Jr.
as Clinic Psychiatrist
Sera Verdi
as Softball kid
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I'm really not sure how anyone managed to talk Robert Englund into this. While the story itself isn't actually too bad, the terrible effects and even worse production make the whole movie laughable. Joey Fatone is solid in his role, and Robert Englund is more or less creepy, but besides that, this is a waste of time.

Poor Robert Englund; he seems to be running out the clock on his career by starring in a string of sub-par horror flicks, including this clunker. Englund should be doing better. In fact, 1.5 of the 2 stars I've given this stinker are due entirely to his menacing presence, as Inkubus has nothing else going for it at all. The story is riddled with logical inconsistencies. Why would a demon, capable of taking over minds and bodies, disappearing at will and telekinesis, need to haul around a huge knife that springs from his wrist at opportune plot points, for instance? Nobody else in the flick delivers a performance worth watching. The whole thing is a muddle of vignettes of brutality strung together by the presence of a demon who, while imaginative about how he kills, isn't creative enough to come up with a good name for himself - hence the backwards "k" in his name. If he can do that, why not give himself an interesting name, at least? Dumb, dumb, dumb, and here's Englund stuck right in the middle of it all. And Joey Fattone as a police captain? Seriously? He was a better actor when he was in a boy band; he's dead weight in Inkubus, and the decision to cast him as a lead here should be enough to end the career of whomever made that dreadful decision. Then again, THAT may be the scariest thing about Inkubus after Englund's yeoman attempt at doing the best he can do with the awful material he's been given.

There's plenty of gore in Inkubus, but there's not enough blood to cover the problems with this low budget loser of a supernatural horror flick. Send it back to Hell!

Not really original in any real way, Inkubus (don't know why it's spelled that way other than to try and seem cool in the lamest way possible) manages to craft an awesome mostly bottle-film setting. Featuring Robert Englund in the best performance have seen him in for years, Inkubus makes some jobs but is mostly serious despite featuring Englund, who tends to show up in campy horror comedies. The film unfolds in a police station that is being run by a skeleton crew because it is about to be shut down. Against this backdrop, a young man arrives covered in blood and claiming that his girlfriend was killed by a a mysterious, dark man. Soon, that man appears at the police station, claiming to have committed a series of murders that date back to the Jack the Ripper killings. Is he crazy or perhaps demonic? Again, there is nothing overly original or intelligent about Inkubus, but I found it to be a horror film that uses its talent and setting to full effect.

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