Inni Reviews

Jan 6, 2012
Well crafted and flat-out cool.
Nov 25, 2011
Director Vincent Morisset captures the band in dreamy, grainy, black-and-white images that slide and blur in a way that suggests David Lynch.
Nov 10, 2011
The best concert films achieve a marriage of sound and image that feels effortlessly harmonious, and in that regard "Inni," a musical portrait of the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, leaves most of its genre in the dust.
Nov 8, 2011
At a time when most U.S. music documentaries have devolved into either artist-endorsed EPKs or predictable Behind the Music-style fables of redemption, it's refreshing to see state-sponsored artists still flying the flag for the rock film as an art film.
Nov 7, 2011
A concert film as long-form music video, Vincent Morisset's Inni has style to burn but little apparent focus, flitting about its subject like a buzzing fly.
Oct 28, 2011
The music of Iceland's Sigur Ros fills the cinema, as if reverberating off the walls of some darkly beautiful fjord.
Oct 28, 2011
You see the beads of sweat, the grimaces of concentration, the rapturous moments.
Oct 27, 2011
Sigur Rs fans are intensely devoted -- lore describes people passing out at shows in some sort of overwhelmed, ecstatic state -- and "Inni" finally gives some sense of why and how that might happen.
Sep 19, 2011
The soul-stirring fusion of joy and heartache that burns like a current through the music of Sigur Ros comes through loud and clear in Inni.
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