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April 27, 2005
Deep Throat was of its era and important to it -- but the film did not, as this documentary would have you believe, create that more permissive era.
April 23, 2005
Any one of the filmmaker's focuses could easily have filled out a feature; by trying to cram them all in, they ensure that a thorough examination of any is impossible.
April 22, 2005
Fascinating social criticism and a witty and relevant take on American sexual history.
April 21, 2005
Bailey and Barbato are, as always, master showmen, fixing their story in time with a rhinestone-flashing flair that's both vividly remembered and relentlessly motive.
April 15, 2005
It makes a convincing case that the flick that made Linda Lovelace a household name was a major cultural event.
April 13, 2005
The documentary works best when exploring how Deep Throat came to be and what led it to become a financial success and cultural lightning rod.
April 7, 2005
What makes Inside Deep Throat not so easy to swallow is the way it forces us to take a good hard look at our own voyeuristic reflexes or snap moral judgments.
April 7, 2005
...a fascinating visit to a period of recent history that now seems unutterably remote.
April 6, 2005
Inside Deep Throat works best as a capsule of an era, using response to the porn classic as a model for national reaction to sexual liberation.
April 6, 2005
Bailey and Barbato assemble their material with a sharp eye for detail and bracingly hilarious wit.
March 23, 2005
Its aim is to entertain and to recount a chapter in pop-culture history. It does this reasonably well, though its winking, tongue-in-cheek attitude wears thin after a while.
March 18, 2005
March 18, 2005
Hugely entertaining, but as its smarmy male-centric title implies, 'Inside Deep Throat' swallows whole the idea that the film was some kind of milestone of free expression.
March 17, 2005
[A] wildly, relentlessly entertaining documentary.
March 11, 2005
Bailey and Barbato aren't as interested in the picture itself as they are in the people who made it, a collection of hustlers, crackpots, cranks and stooges colorful enough to inspire Elmore Leonard.
March 10, 2005
Inside Deep Throat is pleasurable but may leave you feeling unfulfilled.
March 9, 2005
A class act about a crass act. But how come porn persecutors keep turning out to be the biggest criminals in America?
March 8, 2005
Almost everything you've ever wanted to know about its subject, even if you were afraid to ask.
March 8, 2005
It's weird at first, listening to all these grandfatherly gentlemen talk about the good ole days of porn, but it just adds a surreal element that makes it all the funnier.
March 6, 2005
A documentary which, though hardly perfect, is a lot better than the movie it's about.
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