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½ March 19, 2018
I enjoyed this one and the main characters along with the message it brought about animals and the jungle. We are the Takers
June 1, 2017
The movie is absolutely fantastic
February 14, 2016
A great story backed up by some powerhouse acting. Everyone needs to see this!
January 30, 2016
One of my favorite movies ever. The question arises: Are we really better off living in society? Is all that we gain from doing so really greater than that of what we are losing? Tangible vs Intangible...Material world vs spiritual world...and does the good outweigh the evil within man?
½ January 25, 2016
Sentimental nature vs. culture drama with no nuances or surprises. It would have helped the story a bit if Lynn and Theo had hooked up for real.
½ May 10, 2015
Double sigh. Anthony Hopkins with long hair living with Gorillas. Anthony Hopkins in mental hospital/prison. Things happen. Anthony disappears. Second sigh: dubbed in German.
April 8, 2015
It's certainly not a groundbreaking film, but Hopkins is electric in most roles, and this movie was during Goooding's prime. The interplay between the two is entertaining. Aside from their relationship, most everything else feels forced.
March 30, 2015
Anthony Hopkins performance should have been built around a better movie.
½ November 26, 2014
A deep and interesting psychological movie with great acting from Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr. (First and only viewing - 11/9/2014)
October 1, 2014
I'm watching Instinct (1999)
September 26, 2014
Glad that i don't have the same taste of movies as the so cold pro's , great performances of Cuba and Hopkins ! Nice Story ! SOMDVD
July 3, 2014
I've seen it many times and it told me more about the world we live in and also about the way we view it. It sounds crazy but its not. Go ahead and watch the film for yourself!
Super Reviewer
½ June 15, 2014
A scientist (Hopkins) goes completely native in Africa and needs some psych work before he can safely re-enter good ole society. Enter uber-mind probe types Gooding Jr. and Sutherland for some of that luscious brain squeezin' we all love so much. But wait just one goldurn minnit, is it the scientist who's bonkers ... or is it us?
Maura Tierney adds a warm touch to this predictable yet entertaining mangle that still succeeds (with a wink) because of the caliber of guns present.
March 5, 2014
A surprisingly thought-provoking, intriguing and well-acted film about the deep connection between humans and animals, I was surprised by how much "Instinct" surprised me. At a first glance, it's concept seems rather strange, even ridiculous, but the filmmakers treat it with astonishing care and affection. Bolstered by interesting questions about what makes our lives similar to animals, superb performances and a haunting musical score, "Instinct" is a well-made film that's worth watching for several reasons. Like I previously mentioned, it's story is one that could have easily fallen apart as a laugh-fest had any other filmmaker had tackled it, yet in Jon Turteltaub's hands it is very believable. Yet it isn't the people behind the camera that take the film to another level, but those in front of it. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Anthony Hopkins deliver fantastic performances, and work so well off each other that it almost seems like they've known themselves for years. Gooding Jr. is perfectly cast in the role of an ambitious, yet caring psychologist with a deep understanding of the mind. By turns, charming, likable and memorable, the actor is at the top of his game. Even when he has to match the great Anthony Hopkins. If there's any reason to see this film, it's for Hopkins mesmerizing portrayal of a troubled man with a dark past. Despite having little to no dialogue in the beginning of the movie, Hopkins steals every scene he's in through intense facial expressions and a complex character. However, in the end, these performances aren't able to uplift "Instinct" into being more than just a solid, yet forgettable film. For one, the ending is predictable, cliched and takes its roots from better movies like "The Shawshank Redemption". Aside from this, the characters lack full development and the story isn't entirely original. Yet, the two lead performances keep hold your attention throughout the film, and the musical score is effective. "Instinct" isn't the kind of movie you have to see as soon as possible, but it's also one that may teach you a lesson or two about life itself.
March 1, 2014
Surprised by all of the negative reviews. This was a true original and a very powerful movie. Hopkins and Gooding Jr. gave outstanding performances. Great watch.
January 15, 2014
Anthony Hopkins stars in this powerful film about an anthropologist studying the behavior of gorillas in Rwanda and going completely awoll after witnessing the massacre of the animals by hunters. The film is interesting but not great. Hopkins has done better.
November 22, 2013
one of the best movies ever that have a message to tell, and Anthony was the Oscar creator in this movie
July 5, 2013
Solid acting, but 5 stars just because I love the message of the movie.
½ June 21, 2013
How sad to hear Oscar winners Hopkins and Gooding,Jr. utter melodramatic dialogue during most of their scenes together.
½ June 1, 2013
The story has so much going for it, humanity, nature, our role to live in harmony, and so on, but the Director went off on a tangent focusing on pointless stereotype characters full of meaningless scenes, ended up with a mixture of 'Cuckoo's Nest', 'Shawshank' and Gorillas in the Mist ! losing its way scene by scene. Hopkins role was wasted, with Cuba looking like an amateur out of depth beside a true actor.
I still like the story... ;)
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