Instinct Reviews

January 17, 2020
I can't say I want to see it again, but I really need to. More importantly, I really hope rapists end up seeing it. Just maybe they'll realize what they've done.
January 16, 2020
Carice van Houten delivers a stunning performance that's one of the year's best.
January 8, 2020
In a #MeToo climate, it chooses to stand by its controversial story rather than play is safe. This is not a film that lazily says, "men bad/women good," which is easy to do in fiction.
December 19, 2019
Carice Van Houten stars and stuns as Nicoline, a troubled psychotherapist working in a rehabilitation program at a prison.
October 19, 2019
Absorbing psycho-sexual debut feature from a highly talented director.
October 16, 2019
This elegant and hypnotic film dares to go to some very secret places.
October 1, 2019
The movie is quite competent. I think the movie manages to set its speech, to develop it, and to leave us with the restlessness necessary to discuss this kind of problems. [Full Review in Spanish]
September 16, 2019
Instinct is a fascinating study of control that examines the very nature of consent.
September 15, 2019
A film that is at once challenging, frustrating, perplexing, and thoroughly fascinating.
September 9, 2019
Reijn has made a movie that's very much about performance: as her characters maneuver around one another in a series of loaded conversations, the camera relishes Van Houten's every frown and Kenzari's every ambiguous smile.
September 6, 2019
Instinct is a serviceable entry on the actor's resume, but, as a credible psychodrama that pits a therapist against her imprisoned patient, it does a disservice to just about everyone else.
August 20, 2019
Sometimes complex and wrong and sometimes just plain wrong.
Top Critic
August 17, 2019
Intelligently sensational adult fare, crafted with paper-cut precision on all fronts...
August 13, 2019
It's an ambitious and auspicious debut, even though not all of its frayed edges seem to be intentional.
August 13, 2019
Plays like an unnecessary revival of the provocative cat and mouse thrillers that were once a speciality of screenwriter Joe Ezterhas.