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April 16, 2011
Instrument is everything i expected a documentary about the mighty Fugazi to be, artistic, vague, educational, and a DYI feel to it. Fugazi never marketed themselves. Their values and beleifs would never be anyones profit. Hell they really never profited, so anything thing on the band has always been practically impossible to find. I always loved the fact that Ian would charge a question fee when interveiwed. For every question you had to pay him. The only way to ever "get to know the band" would be through their music and their music only. So i was really happy to finally see this film for a band ive followed since their incarnation. And as cool as it was to see Fugazi behind the scenes i gotta admit feeling a bit bummed by the fact that any time there was a performance the song they would be playing is never shown in whole.. Theres some great concert footage here and you get to see half of a song!? And for a film thats practically 2 hrs long theres no reason to not show some of these performances all the way through.
Fugazi fans need only apply
½ December 8, 2010
Guy Picciotto is the man.
July 9, 2010
I found it a little over long, with a few too man "arty" passages. The interviews with the band and the footage of them playing was class though.
½ December 20, 2009
I'm not sure any other movie could capture the essence of Fugazi like Instrument.
½ December 1, 2009
It was a really great look at Fugazi and showed some really inspiring footage, but it left something to be desired. Felt somewhat pretentious.
October 15, 2009
when yr subject is fucking fugazi, it's mathematically impossible for yr film to suck. ten years spent chronicling one of the most important bands of all time...this made me long for 1993?
July 30, 2009
i doubt any "non-fan" of fugazi would agree.
June 17, 2009
Love this band! Brilliant insight to an under rated band & has loads of great live performances too :)
April 15, 2009
great band good movies
½ February 12, 2009
One of the most interesting and intimate looks in to the workings of a band. Fugazi is in peak form in this documentary and is highly recommended to all of their fans and pretty much to any true fans of music.
January 12, 2009
la forma en la que jem cohen filma a fugazi solamente me pone a pensar de que tiene un don oculto, poderoso: el de ver la música.
December 20, 2008
staple of my past but now a little hard to endure. overly stylized and drawn out. some incredible footage though-- just fugazi gets old after 30 minutes or so.
Super Reviewer
June 26, 2008
I saw this a while ago and it just seemed to be a random mishmash of home video footage, concert performances and odd, random footage. An obvious must for Fugazi fans and even those who are curious but by no means required viewing.
½ May 31, 2008
Yes, fantastic documentary about one of the greatest bands to ever walk this planet.
May 10, 2008
This is a very rare inside look at the dynamics of Fugazi. This documentary involves new and old footage. It gets into personal studio time and fooling around. They do as they say... all you have to do is listen to their lyrics and move to their beat.They do what most cant or dont want to. They are the real deal and they care! It is not to be missed. It is inspiring and moving. It made me want to change and become something more. Fugazi is not bullshit.
April 26, 2008
A great documentary about a great band.
½ December 5, 2007
Ian MacKaye was listed in the phone book. When I was 15 and at the height of my hardcore/ faux skater phase I rang him. He was incredibly nice and we discussed Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Surreal.
Fugazi was my favorite band during the my period of teen angst.
December 1, 2007
Changed my entire perception of what music means in modern consciousness.
November 17, 2007
great music doc about a great band. The music never sounded better.
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