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March 27, 2011
As a character drama about dealing with violence and loss, The Interpreter is a quiet success. Unfortunately, it's a thriller, and all of the qualities that make it a successful character study rob it of the tension a thriller needs to succeed.
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April 18, 2009
Much ballyhooed for its on-location filming in and around the United Nations building in Manhattan "The Interpreter" works better as a captivating drama than it does as an espionage thriller due to some sticking plot points that prevent the audience from
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May 27, 2008
It's a dumb movie masquerading as smart but failing miserably.
September 24, 2007
High-class to a fault, and well-cast in every supporting role ... nevertheless burns with a very low flame.
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July 14, 2007
It may not be a perfect film, but it's just nice to see a master at work.
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June 2, 2007
Now we know actors are just that, but it's a little hard to suspend disbelief and buy Sean as a government agent out to foil an assassination plot, when just a few months ago he was out to assassinate Richard Nixon on screen.
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October 3, 2006
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September 25, 2006
The problem with all this sneaking around is that it is rarely ever all that suspenseful.
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May 12, 2006
Penn is terrific in his low-key doggedness.
April 1, 2006
Solid, mature and finely acted, but intermittently daft.
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February 9, 2006
This is largely a competent, successful thriller, but observing global politics from this perspective is an uncomfortable, frustrating experience.
December 6, 2005
Nothing about The Interpreter strikes us as very original.
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December 6, 2005
Not a great movie but a nice time and a welcome break from the season's nonstop torrent of interchangeable horror films and Ashton Kutcher comedies.
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November 18, 2005
A tense, satisfying thriller.
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October 25, 2005
a film that made their authors feel good, while denying the same experience to the audience
Full Review | Original Score: 4/10
October 7, 2005
The complicated plotting gets increasingly ridiculous as the picture nears conclusion.
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September 26, 2005
The film's themes are disappointingly vague and unspecific, built around a fictitious African country that stands for anywhere -- and consequently nowhere.
August 28, 2005
Intriguing, gripping, suspenseful...
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August 13, 2005
(...) Una película menor, con buenas intenciones pero que se olvida poco después de salir del cine.
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July 21, 2005
Another international accent from Kidman, another brooding, broken man from Penn, and another taut, tense, political thriller from director Pollack.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
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