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½ January 25, 2008
Heavily entertaining mockumentary in which an unemployed cameraman follows around someone who claims to have been JFK's real assassin- and for some odd reason, it seems believable for quite a while. While the sometimes handheld camerawork will inevitably induce headaches, the film's best scene occurs during a shooting range, when for no good reason the cameraman is shot at; it's both funny and scary at the same time.
January 22, 2008
Filmed in a mock-documentary style, this film is chilling, but more importantly, it is ambiguous. Which is fitting, since all the triangulation and single bullet theories are all about ambiguity.
½ December 13, 2007
So here's the deal, being a history student, I love the whole historical fiction genre. While the movie dragged a little, and the twist at the end was surprisingly unpredictable, it did however ruin the film. Throughout, the facts leading to the fictional tale of the assassination of J.F.K. seem some what feasible, however, this all goes to the shitter with the ending.
Wish there was a decent quote to throw in here, but really, it wasn't that kind of a flick.
September 28, 2007
seems interesting... I'd like to see it.
½ September 20, 2007
Going into this I thought it was an actual documentary, not a mockumentary. After a while I figured it out, but that did not stop me from enjoying this quite a bit.
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September 11, 2007
Intriguing enough mock doc about JFK's second shooter is propelled by performances.
½ September 6, 2007
Starts alright, but just gets more and more silly.
August 27, 2007
The Blair Witch Project of the JFK assassination films.
August 17, 2007
A cheap film doesn't make a bad film.
August 13, 2007
Genial "dokumentar" om JFK morderen..
August 2, 2007
Very intriguing and uneasy
July 22, 2007
Very well done and an interesting idea.
½ July 19, 2007
I love how some people actually thought this was a real documentary. Pretty chilling though.
June 30, 2007
some good acting, kinda felt like a realistic documentary, but with such a surprising ending.
May 12, 2007
Who really WAS the third gunmen on the grassy knoll????
February 7, 2007
interesting, slightly funny, definitely recommended for anyone into jfk stuff
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½ October 31, 2006
Not a bad first film at all. I got a little hung up on the poor attention to detail of the case and there's a couple of moments which stretch credibility to breaking point. Still, dude went on to "The Illusionist" so it's actually a positive indie story for a change.
½ May 15, 2004
[size=4][color=navy]Sure, another Kennedy murder drama. Didn't really read the slip before watching this one as my hubby picked it out. Watched and actually got rather "creeped out" knowing this kinda s*** happens as far as our government is concerned. Became totally interested and actually had to look it up to see if it was real or not (I won't spoil it for you). Talked to the t.v. more than once, which is a good thing for me, shows interest. I would recommend this to any conspiracy theorists (or those who still think Elvis is retired on some island somewhere). [/color][/size]
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