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½ November 14, 2011
This movie was crazy. This cougar takes harassment to another level. This movie was crazy.
½ July 5, 2011
The movie might have been bearable as purely a work of fiction. However, it was based on a murder committed by a pedophile, who seduced and killed the two victims. In fact, he assaulted the daughter at their final picnic before stabbing her through the heart.

To have a movie portray this as not only a vehicle for a heroic young man as victim, but as a "dark comedy" is unconscionable. It would have worked much better as a close-to-the-facts drama. Surely the real story was strange enough.

Super Reviewer
February 15, 2010
A very crazy and unusual romp through '50s England. Take a look and be astonished at where the film takes viewers.
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