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John Landis tries for a laid-back surrealism in his romantic thriller Into the Night. Jeff Goldblum plays an exhausted and unhappily married aerospace engineer named Ed Okin. He goes to LA International Airport to get some sleep in the parking garage. Instead, a scatterbrained blonde beauty, Diana (Michelle Pfeiffer) falls on his car, being chased by a bunch of sharpshooters. It seems that Diana has smuggled six Iranian jewels into the United States and a group of assassins want them back at any price. Ed and Diana take to the freeway, looking for a place to rest, but the chase never ends and the duo keep running from the pack of Iranian zanies.

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David Bowie
as Colin Morris
Stacey Pickren
as Ellen Okin
Andrew Marton
as Freeway Driver
Sue Dugan
as Freeway Driver
Elizabeth Solorzano
as Freeway Driver
Robert Paynter
as Security Guard
David Cronenberg
as Group Supervisor
Robert Moberly
as Aerospace Engineer
John Hostetter
as Aerospace Engineer
Dick Balduzzi
as Aerospace Engineer
Jack Arnold
as Man with Dog
Wes Dawn
as Los Angeles Cop
Christopher George
as Los Angeles Cop
Eddy Donno
as Los Angeles Cop
Richard Franklin
as Aerospace Engineer
Michael Zand
as Savak Agent
Hadi Sadjadi
as Savak Agent
Bruce Gramian
as Savak Agent
John Landis
as Savak Agent
Hope Clarke
as Airport Cop
Eric Lee
as Parking Attendant
Sue Bowser
as Girl on Boat
Waldo Salt
as Male Derelict
Viola Kates Stimpson
as Female Derelict
Bruce McGill
as Charlie
Richard A. Baker
as Drug Dealer
Colin Higgins
as Kalijak Actor
Daniel Petrie Sr.
as Kalijak Director
David Sosna
as Kalijak Assistant Director
Mark Levine
as Kalijak Grip
William B. Kaplan
as Kalijak Grip
Jonathan Kaufer
as Kalijak Script Clerk
Paul Mazursky
as Bud Herman
Saul Kahan
as Kalijak Publicist
Rory Barish
as SAVAK Bimbo
Jean Pelton
as SAVAK Bimbo
Paul Bartel
as Beverly Wilshire Hotel Doorman
Jim Bentley
as Baccarat Dealer
Slavka Budinova
as Hamid's Girl
Erica Sakai
as Hamid's Girl
Beruce Gramian
as Savak Agent
Carl Perkins
as Mr. Williams
Don Siegel
as Embarrassed Man
Peggy Sands
as Shameless Woman
Jim Henson
as Man on Phone
Robert Traynor
as Beverly Hills Cop
Art Evans
as Jimmy
Bela Lugosi
as Count Dracula
Rick Baker
as Drug Dealer
Domingo Ambriz
as Taxi Driver
Amy Heckerling
as Ship's Waitress
Robert LaBassiere
as Melville's Man
Yacob Salih
as Melville's Man
Roger Vadim
as Mons. Melville
Jack Roberts
as Malibu Neighbor
Dian Roberts
as Malibu Neighbor
Reid Smith
as Sheriff Peterson
Rusdi Lane
as Detective
Lawrence Kasdan
as Detective
Peggy Sanders
as Shameless Woman
Vera Miles
as Joan Caper
Irene Papas
as Shaheen Parvizi
Pete Ellis
as Himself
Hassan Ildari
as Shaheen's Assistant
Zorah Ramsey
as Lady in Waiting
Beulah Quo
as Mrs. Yakamura
Patricia Gaul
as Stewardess
Clu Gulager
as Federal Agent
Jonathan Demme
as Federal Agent
Tracy Hutchinson
as Federal Agent
Gene Whittington
as Federal Agent
Carl Gottlieb
as Federal Agent
Alma Beltran
as Cleaning Woman
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Audience Reviews for Into the Night

  • Jan 19, 2012
    The wilder the script and the concept, the more fun John Landis has with it. Sadly, this is a routine tale that is so average and mild and so-so that Landis' attempts to inject humour only manage to kill off any scrap of tension that was there. Shruggable.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 23, 2011
    Odd combination of Jeff Goldblum, a depressed insomniac whose life is dull, uneventful and his wife is cheating on him, the other person being Michelle Pfeiffer who is a jewel smuggler and has some Iranians after her for some precious stones. The mismatched pair bump into each other, make friends and have to run from the nasty Iranians which leads to all manner of scrapes and tight situations none of which are particularly exciting or original. The film is really quite dull much like Goldblum's performance and doesn't offer anything other than an impressive list of cameos, why? beats me. Pfeiffer and Goldblum don't blend a tall, the action is weak, its naturally very very dated and director Landis is one of the Iranian agents in (I think) his only full movie role.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Apr 09, 2011
    A light hearted thriller with a very young Jeff Goldblum, an insomniac who's headed nowhere with his job as an aerospace engineer. He comes home early from work to find his wife in bed with another man. Confused, he drives "into the night," to find himself and instead finds bizarre adventure and intrigue with a hot babe-in-distress Michelle Pfeifer, a jewel smuggler who's on the run from some international thugs (played by an assortment of celebrities such as director Roger Vadim, rock star David Bowie and comedian Dan Aykroyd). Okay, so this is nothing great but it was cute to see that so many directors making brief appearances in the film as well ((one of them is actually "The Fly" remake director David Cronenberg and this film's director John Landis).
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 28, 2010
    I didn't get the "humor" of this film. It felt like a mess, the overall idea for the film isn't bad, it's just boring to watch.
    Marion R Super Reviewer

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