Invaders from Mars Reviews

October 22, 2011
It isn't great, but it is great fun.
April 13, 2006
Invaders from Mars really is laughably camp and an often goony 79 minutes, but if that was its totality it would be utterly dismissed like so many of its kin today.
July 2, 2005
January 31, 2005
Wm. Cameron Menzies' almost-masterpiece of Cold War paranoia, bracing and impactful despite some conspicuous gaffes in the costuming-and-effects department. The underlying beauty of it all is a tacit understanding that yes, It Can, Too, Happen Here.
October 8, 2004
February 8, 2004
November 3, 2003
August 11, 2003
One of the silliest and most threadbare 1950s science fiction movies, while at the same time being one of the best.
July 27, 2002