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In the small town of Peckham, California, many men die for excessive effort during sexual intercourse. When a scientist from the Brandt research laboratory is found dead in a motel, the government sends Agent Neil Agar (William Smith) to investigate the mysterious deaths. He suspects that the deaths may be related to some experiments of Dr. Susan Harris (Anitra Ford), who is researching bees in the Brandt facility.
Comedy , Cult Movies , Horror , Mystery & Suspense , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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William Smith
as Neil Agar
Anitra Ford
as Dr. Susan Harris
Andre Philippe
as Aldo Ferrara
Victoria Vetri
as Julie Zorn
Cliff Osmond
as Captain Peters
Wright King
as Dr. Henry Murger
Ben Hammer
as Herb Kline
Anna Aries
as Nora Kline
Andre Phillipe
as Aldo Ferrara
Sid Kaiser
as Stan Williams
Katie Saylor
as Gretchen Grubowsky
Beverly Powers
as Harriet Williams
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The guiltiest of guilty pleasures; campy sci-fi soft core that will have you rolling with laughter.

August 30, 2002
Flipside Movie Emporium

Audience Reviews for Invasion of the Bee Girls

This movie starts off at a hotel where there's a dead guy in a room, John Doe. Then they interview the people and do an autopsy on the cause of death of the guy. The government then sends an agent guy to investigate his death. Since he was doing some government experiments with bees. Agent guy then goes to some library to figure out his cause of death. Then he also meets a librarian lady there as well. Agent guy also meets the last person, a lady, John Doe talked with before he died. Then there's these scenes where naked ladies sleep with guys and they die from having sex with these girls. Agent guy then after that scene interviews John Doe's friends to find out more information on what he was doing. Another guy then dies the same way from one of the girls and the town figures out what to do. The town then has a meeting and tells the people that the men died from sex and the crowed laughs. The head of the meeting says for the towns safety not to have sex since it might save their lives and the men are aghast. After the meeting is over the librarian lady and agent guy make out until they see a car go by and see someone murdered. Agent guy then calls from a phone booth for a military quarantine. While he's doing that some guys attack librarian lady but agent guys stops them before they can do any real damage. Agent guy then finds some weird love nest while searching John Doe's home. Agent guy then gets into a fight with another guy and find out he was one of John Doe's friends. After that one of John Doe's friends goes out on a date with some doctor lady. Even though he's married, I think. Librarian lady and agent guy then watch a documentary about bees and other insects. While the other guy and lady doctor go out on a date. Lady Doctor then starts sleeping with the guy and when it happens. We see this weird bee vision where lady doctor has black eyes while they do it. Then she calls they guys wife and tells her to come to her place. Agent guy then goes to the lady doctors place which she and agent guy talk a little. After that lady doctor goes to this weird lab place. Where she makes more of these bee girls and the device that turns them also looks like a jungle gym. They then put this weird paste on one of the new ladies and she's also naked too. Then they put her in the jungle gym and then bees fly around and on her. Then they peel it the paste off and she's a little younger now and has black eyes. Agent guy finds the other dead guy in some factory while the town tries to evacuate but can't because of the quarantine. A cop guy then tells in another scene that the other guy is dead but doesn't sound like he cares. Then the new bee girl tries to sleep with him bet he doesn't want to. Agent guy then tells some of the town people about his theory of the mutant bee girls while the girls try and stop the military. Agent guy and librarian lady create a gamma wave device where they can track the bee girls at the guy's funeral. Lady doctor then kidnaps librarian lady and agent guys puts everything together and tires to stop lady doctor. Agent guy then destroys the conversion machine by shooting it and it gets destroyed. At the end there's also some explanation for the bee girls motivation at the end. Then it cuts to bees on flowers while agent guy and librarian girl sleep with each other. The movie I think is a horror movie where the men are the victims instead of the girls. The plot also felt like almost a soft core porno even though there wasn't much action going on. What I watched was a restored version but you all can see the original if you want to that is. Here's the original version. Also the widescreen and quality upgraded version too.

Nick Retzlaff
Nick Retzlaff

Perhaps shows a bit of excessive boobage than your average B movie (not that there's anything wrong with that), it spared nothing. Did they have pause back then? It was hoot seeing this very dated 70's flick. Not sure of the trance of the Bee girls made a whole lot of sense, but it that would make it an A film.

Randy Berger
Randy Berger

This was in the Mill Creek 50 Drive In Movie Package. Don't think this ever played at the Drive in Back home. Mom Dad How come I can't go. Well on to the Movie, seems these girls are killing men by having sex with them till they die. ( I should be so lucky). Sheriff tries to but putting Marshall Law in effect where no one can have sex, fat chance. Anyway The Movies has some nice Nudity ( Sorry girls no guys) but hey no kids. I think they should have name this watch out for gal's with Dark Glasses, How it came up with aka Graveyard Tramps is beyond me. Anyway I have no choice its in the collection.

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

Super Reviewer

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