Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion Reviews

January 13, 2020
"Investigation" is out of the "Z" school, finishing a bit further down the list in standing, but a proud representative of its class.
December 19, 2013
Unfettered freedom is a source of dismay to the Roman homicide detective... He wants to have limits, he simply doesn't know where they are.
December 3, 2013
Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion begins like a giallo, but soon pushes beyond even that genre's outr boundaries, playing like a fever dream.
October 1, 2012
Its portrait of a loner and his lusts comes up frighteningly fresh, and the whole conceit would collapse without the muscular, rousing presence of Gian Maria Volont in the central role.
September 28, 2012
Decades later, Petri's Italian political thriller is just as timely and provocative as it was in 1970, when it won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar
September 28, 2012
September 25, 2012
A paranoid police procedural, a perverse parable about the corrupting elements of power, and a candidate for the greatest predated Patriot Act movie ever ...
March 3, 2011
Moderately engrossing parable, crime drama and character study, with rigid political undertones.
January 18, 2010
One of the most sardonic, brilliant satires of its era.
October 23, 2004
Stylistically disconnected, but it works because it is absolutely fascinated with the nature of the inspector.
September 26, 2003
A provocative political thriller that is as troubling today as when it came out in 1970. Maybe more so.
September 25, 2003
The movie survives beautifully both as an elegant thriller and as a study of the twisted infantilism that shapes the fanatic heart.
April 1, 2003
A potent study of power as pathology.