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½ October 11, 2012
It is an interesting but true fact that that other nations like England, New Zealand, Russia and some other countries all gave women the vote before America did. A truly remarkable story with an impressive casts. Strong performances from its leads, and Hilary Swank and Frances O'Connor. Swank portrays an American feminist who risked her life to fight for women's citizenship and the right to vote. Swank certainly proves she's got what it takes to play this indomitable spirit. This HBO feature is an inspiring but also an excruciating look at what women were willing to sacrifice and what humiliations they were willing to endure to secure a woman's right to vote even as America stood on the precipice of WWI. The movie does not flinch away from the brutality that women suffered while in prison. Lookout for Vera Farmiga.
September 20, 2012
Of the posts you show below--the men hated it and the lone women loved it....Go Figure.
August 10, 2012
I was really disturbed and horrified by some of the scenes in this film, which is about the struggle in the early 1900's to gain women the right to vote. It's about Alice Paul, an American feminist who, with the help of her friend Lucy Burns, write and struggle to pass the 19th amendment. To see this dramatic portrayal of history is more moving than simply knowing how much women have had to fight for our right to vote. Hell, they fought with each women - Alice founded the National Woman's Party (NSW) because the group they worked with (NAWSA) weren't doing much. They were wishy washy women who tried to justify their own oppression. Ugh. The NSW members protested peacefully and were attacked by a mob, sent to prison, put in straightjackets, were subjected to torture and were force fed milk and eggs during a hunger strike. So every time a woman doesn't vote when they are able, I am going to have this image in my mind and want to smack them in the head for their ignorance. We inherited our freedom and it's our job to keep it. On Aug. 26, 1920, the Susan B. Anthony Amendment becomes law, and 20 million American women won the right to vote. We don't make the same amount of pay as men and are still discriminated against, and although we make up the majority of the population, we are in the minority of political leaders. We have a long way to go. The very least we can do is vote. Dammit. :-)
April 28, 2012
Full review coming soon
April 25, 2012
Not bad..but the use of modern music was off putting and not really took me out of the time period it was suppose to be set in....probably one of the worst directed HBO movies ever made.
April 10, 2012
Wickedly beast movie...loved it
March 31, 2012
Interesting, but its style is too muddy.
March 7, 2012
This change me do much. Made me want more out of life as a women.
February 27, 2012
Very very great movie!
½ February 16, 2012
Powerful. This film was an interesting portrayal of an historical interpretation of women's suffrage. It was nice to be reminded early in the film that this movement was for votes for WHITE women. Weird soundtrack (It opened with a Fuel song).
January 25, 2012
Based on a true story, 'Iron Jawed Angels' is a good retelling of Alice Paul leading the suffrage movement and help the US government win their right to vote. Starring fine acting performances by Hilary Swank, Anjelica Huston, and Frances O'Connor.
½ January 13, 2012
The emotional and terrible struggle these women went through so that Women could vote in America! And to think that today in 2009 some women stll do not vote. Watch this movie and see just what we had to endour to be "equal".
December 17, 2011
Impresionante relato sobre la lucha de las mujeres estadounidenses por su derecho al voto.
½ November 4, 2011
as an educational film it succeeds highly because of how historically accurate it remains

women did face alot of prejudice and discrimination when it came to voting

Hilary Swank gives a remarkable performance as suffragist leader Alice Paul

wonderful supporting characters including Patrick Dempsey and Bob Gunton as Woodrow Wilson

this is an amazing protrayal of a social movement that keeps the fighting strong and its supporters full of hope and optimism and courage and sacrifice

as a movie though, it didnt hit me as emotionally as I thought it would

some of the editing is kinda washy, too

too many trippy montages and songs that just dont fit in the time period

overall, I would recommend this to all women and those who believe in sufferage and its just cause and motivation
November 2, 2011
Hilary Swank is surprisingly solid in a TV drama about the movement that firs got women their right to vote in the US. âIron Jawed Angelsâ? is very clearly a TV movie with reliable, stylish, but not in any way novel cinematography, but the style serves this true story well. And as the script and the acting is on that same level of style, the end result is quite compelling.
September 26, 2011
Terrible style and inappropriate for the time period.
August 22, 2011
This was a fantastic movie that showed the suffering to get Women's suffrage, but very moving and powerful.
½ July 19, 2011
Man can Hilary Swank Pick em & What an Actress! All Women should see this Movie, its the story of the Feminist who fought for our Right to Vote,Thank You Alice Paul. I think of her often when I fly our Flag or when I'm in the Voting Booth
½ May 10, 2011
An extremely dated and worn first half destroys any tension created by a steller second half.
½ May 4, 2011
Very informative and historically accurate film. Had to watch this for a class and it was absolutely fantastic to watch.
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