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½ December 30, 2014
So bad, it was almost good... almost, but not quite.
December 29, 2014
Dans la famille ovni nazi degenere, je voudrais la belle soeur!
Je suppose que l'idee directrice prealable au projet devait se rapprocher de ce concept improbable^^ Et j'avoue que le pitch me faisait peur avant de voir le film.
Mais finalement, il ne s'en sort pas si mal : alors que le synopsis laissait deviner une serie Z des plus mauvais gout, Iron sky reussit a rester agreable a regarder en flirtant avec les cliches pour mieux s'en amuser. Ca ne fait pas mouche a chaque coup, mais le second degre est plutot bien maitrise.
Niveau visuel, c'est plutot probant (effet speciaux plutot reussi malgres un foto tout a fait quelconque). Les acteurs n'ont rien d'extraordinaires, mais font le taff et c'est bien tout ce qu'on leur demande pour ce genre de realisation.
Une vraie bonne surprise
December 18, 2014
Loved every minute. Great idea and light hearted execution makes this unmissable.
December 14, 2014
Just forget about logistics and science and common sense. Visually they actually put some money into this as the effects and final battle look decent. Christopher Kirby's acting and character are both terrible and made a bad movie even worse. The idea is fun overall, but there is too much stupidity to make it legit and its not bad enough to make it a guilty pleasure.
½ December 11, 2014
A one-and a half hour racial joke that's only laughable due to horrendous acting and a threadbare plot. Granted, I had low expectations, but this film is just an insult to the audience's intelligence. We get it Hollywood, Nazi bad. Now quit milking that bull's utter and put for more effort than this steaming pile. If you are contemplating seeing this film, spare yourself the indignity by going to hooters in blackface while wearing a swastika armband and you'll feel slightly more comfortable than if you had sat through this train-wreck.
½ November 22, 2014
was very bored with it
November 14, 2014
Nazi's in secret moon base. What more could you want? Fun cult movie.
October 22, 2014
A wonderfully over the top romp and send-up of the American Tea party (the president is a Sarah Palin lookalike who is a hair's breadth away from being a Nazi herself). It's not serious but nor was Blazing Saddles an accurate depiction of the Wild West. It deserves more stars than the reviews here IMHO.
October 18, 2014
Space Nazis? This movie is one of strangest I have seen in awhile. In a strange way, t's well done in some ways although the plot has Space Nazi sized issues...
½ October 18, 2014
Hilarious: Nazis from outerspace try to finally conquer the world.
October 18, 2014
Just amazing. If you don't find the idea of steampunk space Nazis on the dark side of the moon funny, probably not for you though.
½ October 14, 2014
I'm sure we've all watched a movie in a sort of bemused 'how did this ever get made / who thought this was a good idea?' kinda way.

This is the most recent example of such that I've seen. Terrible, terrible film, in which it transpires that the Nazis set up a secret base on the dark side of the moon in 1945, and have spent the last 1/2 century or so preparing to invade Earth, with the time finally arriving in when this is set (2018).

Terrible 'acting', some seriously bad 'comedy' moments that just aren't funny, dodgy effects and a plot that feels like it's been made up by a video-game obsessed teenager make this one to avoid.
September 29, 2014
The first half of the film was a spot on. I mean the humor of it is pretty funny instead they put racism in a special and humorous way. Until in the middle of it. I find it hard to appreciate thus it has all cheesy and corny moments that you can get. The presentation is not bad at all with all the neat CGI extravaganza. Nazi space wars against the Earth is not a bad idea. Though it's become worse when it became more over the top and to say its just another corny thing to watch. Recommended when you're drunk.
September 27, 2014
It's fanatsstic. Funnty idea, lot's of satire, good dieselpunk. It will be a cult classic!
September 9, 2014
Trailer is better than the movie.
September 5, 2014
Whether it was supposed to be serious, or meant to a satire/parody, it doen't work either way. It generate very few laughs and thrills. The special effects are quite good though, for such a non-mainstream non-bigbidget movie.
½ August 28, 2014
Hilariously bad, but brilliant
½ August 23, 2014
Kinda reminded me of Mars Attacks
½ August 17, 2014
C'est pas un chef-d'oeuvre mais c'est fait avec amour.
August 11, 2014
The movie's satirical gems need to be experienced with a likeminded crowd to be properly enjoyed. But even if it doesn't hold up to its premise, the most remarkable thing about Iron Sky is that it got made in the first place.
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