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A rousing Disney dog-sled adventure based on a real life event -- a 522-mile dog-sled race between Winnipeg, Canada and St. Paul, Minnesota that occurred in 1917. When his father is accidentally killed, South Dakota farmboy Will Stoneman (Mackenzie Astin) decides to enter the dog-sled race in order to save his family from financial ruin. His mother (Penelope Windust) wants Will to use part of the prospective $10,000 race winnings for college, but Will just wants to save the farm. With the help of Indian handyman Ned Dodd (August Schellenberg), Will begins to train for the race. But the rich mogul underwriting the race, J.P. Harper (David Ogden Stiers), doesn't want Will to enter, thinking the competition too arduous and too dangerous for such a young boy. To Will's aid comes yellow journalist Harry Kingsley (Kevin Spacey), who convinces Harper to permit Will to enter the race. But Harry also has his own agenda -- he sees a great story in Will and thinks it will sell newspapers and advance his journalistic career. With his father's best dog Gus at the head of his dog team, Will is ready and determined to win the race. But Will discovers that winning the race is only half his battle. Dealing with the petty and malevolent human beings involved in the race -- in particular, the egotistical Scandinavian champion Borg Guillarson (George Gerdes) and the wealthy gambler Angus McTeague (Brian Cox) -- prove to be as much of a challenge to his mettle than any natural obstacles Will might encounter.


Mackenzie Astin
as Will Stoneman
Kevin Spacey
as Harry Kingsley
David Ogden Stiers
as J.P. Harper
George Gerdes
as Borg Guillarson
John Terry
as Jack Stoneman
Brian Cox
as Angus McTeague
Penelope Windust
as Maggie Stoneman
Michael Laskin
as Simon Lambert
James Cada
as Peter Swenson
Rex Linn
as Joe McPherson
Allan R.J. Joseph
as Albert Carey
Tony Griffin
as Mike Riley
Richard Hughes
as Conductor Brawley
Dan Chambers
as Cameraman Reporter
Stan Garner
as Brakeman
Ed Dallas
as Gunnar Tveit
Karl Randa
as Thordur Thorenson
Jim Olsen
as Mayor of Winnipeg
David Nason
as Spirit Guide
Ron Winters
as Spirit Guide
Gerald DePerry
as Spirit Guide
Henry Novotny
as Kaiser Bill
Karen Clift
as Soprano Singer
Brian Grussing
as 2nd Scout
Don Maloney
as Sergeant
William John Murphy
as 2nd Reporter
Brittany Haid
as Young Woman
Elisabeth Harmon-Haid
as Blacksmith's Wife
McKegney Barr
as Pretty Woman
Marvin Defoe Jr.
as Native American at Train Depot
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Audience Reviews for Iron Will

  • Mar 21, 2011
    Mackenzie Astin, a Midwestern farm kid in 1917 enters a grueling Winnipeg, Canada-to-St. Paul, Minnesota dog-sled race so he can save the family farm and have enough money to go to college. Also featuring the great Kevin Spacey as a ruthless reporter covering the sled-race for his newspaper. Iron Will as he is called overcomes prejudice, harsh weather, evil men and their henchmen as he attempts to win a big sled race. Can he make this dream a reality? Will he outsmart the sinister and evil Swedish man, Ivan von Evilstein and reach the finish line on time? Watch to find out.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 14, 2009
    8th grade English teacher, Mrs. McMurphy, made us watch this...and I'm very glad she did! Add this to the list of awesome Disney movies that you don't know are Disney flicks.
    Jason O Super Reviewer
  • Jan 31, 2009
    Its good to see that in 1994 Excellent and Clean movies were still being put out with the Disney name attached to them, unlike those of this day and age with Disney / Pixtar label. After all old Walt would turn in his grave at some of the modern day Disney films, but this is not one of them, who ever wrote the plot for this web page is way off base ( matter fact it's a copy from Amazon dot com). This is an excellent movie about a 17 year old boy racing across Canada to St Paul Minnesota in a dog sled race to win $10000 to save his Mom's farm and go to college. All the things in a Disney movie that makes it good including tears (Pass a Kleenex), are found in this movie. This is based on the 1917 Dog Race in Canada combining 2 characters into one. Its worth sitting down with the pop corn and just enjoying, and of by the way you don't have to be a kiddy to enjoy it. 5 stars nothing less.
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2009
    Based on a true story, this is a thrilling and visually striking adventure movie that is perfect for the entire family. It's good clean fare for kids, with enough action and excitement for adults. Mackenzie Astin gives an earnest performance as Will Stoneman, who in true Disney fashion, competes in a 500 mile dog sled race to save the family farm. Set in the early 1900's it's a throwback to the old school Disney movies with clear cut good buys and bad guys, and simple cause for the audience to rally around. Kevin Spacey plays a newspaper reporter that covers the race, and turns young Will into an American folk hero for his feats during the race. The snow covered lanscapes that the race takes place across are really beautiful. The race itself is exciting, and you can't help but get swept up in it all. The heart of the movie is Will's relationship with his team of dogs, and in particular, his lead dog, a pure white Huskie named Gus. Anyone who loves dogs will be immediately drawn in. It's formulatic of course, but it's done in the finest Disney family movie tradition. You come to root for Will and his team so much, you may very well find yourself on the edge of your seat for the thrilling conclusion to the race.
    RJ M Super Reviewer

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