Aug 12, 2021
Tremendously out of step with the current moment.
Mar 13, 2021
Irresistible is far too happy to coast on stereotypes of supposed Democratic and Republican party supporter traits, and for far too long.
Feb 5, 2021
Irresistible is an entertaining film in fits and starts, but Stewart doesn't find his storytelling groove until the very end. By that point, many viewers may have already given up.
Jan 27, 2021
Missing Jon Stewart's commentary won't save this film for you.
Nov 27, 2020
The intent is timely and noble and there is a third-act twist that makes it almost worthwhile.
Oct 29, 2020
Irresistible represents a missed opportunity to show the world something new when it comes to dirty politics.
Oct 16, 2020
It's plain all along that Stewart has little interest in his characters and their troubles except as a means for him to score didactic points, primarily about the evils of unrestricted campaign financing.
Sep 24, 2020
The movie has its funny moments, but the messaging is super overstated and the premise ends up being fairly simplistic.
Sep 4, 2020
Does the media spend too much time framing stories as strictly binary narratives? Sure. Could we have gotten that message in a more straightforward way? Almost certainly.
Aug 31, 2020
The more grotesque the film tries to be, the worse off it is. [Full Review in Spanish]
Aug 28, 2020
Given the opportunities for satirical complexities, Irresistible is disappointingly plain.
Aug 8, 2020
...a well-intentioned misfire that could (and should) have been so much better.
Aug 8, 2020
...its vicious comedic blow - what Stewart would passionately deliver most nights The Daily Show at the end of a rant - never comes.
Jul 29, 2020
Beyond simply failing to amuse or offering any political substance in what is ostensibly a political comedy, Stewart is actively reckless in his message.
Jul 23, 2020
This smug and annoying movie ... makes a heavy-handed point about campaign finances and how money can corrupt politicians ... In fact, there's very little humor to be found in Irresistible, which is a waste of this talented cast.
Jul 20, 2020
Stewart is just going through the motions. His wet blanket of a satire lacks the very quality that Zimmer yearns for: conviction. There's zero joy in it.
Jul 19, 2020
The cliched storytelling makes the movie repellent; whatever conversation Stewart wants to spark becomes immediately soured by bland filmmaking.
Jul 11, 2020
Enough professionally funny people are involved that it seems like more jokes should work, even if it's just by random chance.
Jul 9, 2020
I do like Jon Stewart -- I think almost everyone does -- and certainly respect what he was trying to do with this film, but ultimately it feels like a watered-down, not very imaginative version of Primary Colors.
Jul 9, 2020
I don't think it works well as a drama or a comedy. It's not especially funny... There's a good message here, but it's buried under a lot of stuff that doesn't work.