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March 6, 2009
Imagine a rich, ambitious and handsome man surprises his successful, beautiful and intelligent girlfriend with a horse ride in a picture-book landscape. Furthermore he prepared a forbiddingly expensive ring hidden in the girls horses' mane and when she notices it he gets on his knees immediately,  begging for marriage. The weather is great, too. Sounds too good for reality and it definitely is. This is one way in which the narrative brilliantly deconstructs Adam and Linda's love every minute of this film. And suddenly you understand, that this couples relationship is based on lies and threads, which determined their destiny. The brighter the sun, the darker the shadow.

Great feelings becoming even more touching by the convincing acting of Ian Bohen and Mei Melancon. Unusually for a model turned actress, supermodel Estella Warren shows a good performance, scoring as Linda's best friend. 
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