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February 24, 2011
As much I admire Aamir Khan, I will still say there was some kind of parody of the actors talents in the Movie. And this is not a compliment!
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February 16, 2011
They should have titled this Movie instead of adding it as quote.Loose Character

This Movie is not to be taken serious and GUILTY I watched it. I dont know in what Genre to add this Movie in.

The first let say 20 Minutes were nice inlcuded the THEME song, but the rest of the Movie was pointless.

This Movie was inspired by a Bengali Play.
An Old man (Pran) owns a Nice land, a rich Man (Shakti Kapoor)wants it at any cost tries everything but atlast commits suicide, and his Son then begins the Same Game with the old man. From Threatning to convincing the "Good hearted" old man that only when the old man commit suicides will make the Rich Man Son feel better again. The old man ofcourse agrees but his grand grand Son is born at the night he want to commit suicide. And at the End the Rich Man`s Son (Shakti Kapoor) dies.

Farha`s perfomance was worst in this Movie. I have seen her in other Movies and I was never so very satisfied with her perfomance in the Movies, though one thing is for sure SHE CANNT DANCE!

Lets get to Aamir Khan`s perfomance, he played a character which was under his "Niveau" but his Dance skills were great.

A silly low budget but neat to watch as a comedy only if you are curious though watch it secretly. lol

Only two songs are great.
Gulai Guali go and the Theme Song "Isi ka naam Zindagi"

I would never recommend this Movie to any one unless you only want to watch the song "Gulai Gulai Go" which is very worth to watch.

Personally I think Madhuri Dixit would had given a extravagant touch to this song instead of Farha.
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