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  • Merrick: We're going to have to put you under some tests.
    Lincoln Six Echo: What kind of tests?
    Merrick: Nice tests...
    ‐ Submitted by Lucas T (2 years ago)

  • Tom Lincoln: Lots and lots of sex.
    ‐ Submitted by Tim L (3 years ago)

  • Lincoln Six Echo: What's God?
    ‐ Submitted by Christine D (3 years ago)

  • Jordan Two Delta: What's a court of law?
    ‐ Submitted by Tino N (3 years ago)

  • Tom Lincoln: Don't shoot him, he is my clone!
    Lincoln Six Echo: I'm Tom Lincoln!
    Tom Lincoln: What? He's lying, I'm Tom Lincoln!
    ‐ Submitted by Alejandro O (4 years ago)

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