Italian for Beginners Reviews

January 10, 2003
November 6, 2002
Scherfig, who has had a successful career in TV, tackles more than she can handle.
May 17, 2002
A dramatic comedy as pleasantly dishonest and pat as any Hollywood fluff.
March 6, 2002
Without a strong script and energetic acting, Dogma films can produce the same sleep-inducing effects as watching your neighbor's home videos.
March 5, 2002
February 26, 2002
In Italian for Beginners, Scherfig has failed at making her story and characters seem ordinary while succeeding at making a very ordinary film.
January 31, 2002
While the film shuns the glamour or glitz that an American movie might demand, Scherfig tosses us a romantic scenario that is just as simplistic as a Hollywood production.
January 31, 2002
It becomes a fairly trite romantic comedy in which people pair up for no reason other than that the script needs them to.
January 18, 2002
A Danish Nora Ephron movie in Dogma drag, and the result is even more precious than it is tedious.
January 17, 2002
If this is the Danish idea of a good time, prospective tourists might want to consider a different destination -- some jolly country embroiled in a bloody civil war, perhaps.