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½ February 2, 2017
I'm a crying mess. I wasn't expecting so many emotions to flow in me at once. The storyline deserves all the tears and it's strong and makes a statement(somewhat controversial to tell the truth) but it was also filled with more joyful and funny moments and it diffused the tension so much at times that it managed to through me off the tracks. No matter what though, the movie stands for something and by the end it leaves you a crying mess, trying to cling on dear life and move on. The last act was the real core of the story and the part where all emotions break loose. A really well made movie.
½ May 1, 2015
Roberts best work in years,you can tell this was a very personal story.The film runs the table of emotions but in the end the viewers left fulfilled.
February 18, 2014
As terrible as Eric Roberts is, and there's very few actors as bad, he does give his full effort here - but he never stops being Eric Roberts... and that's never a positive.
½ May 27, 2012
Kind of an in-your-face sad movie and guaranteed to make you weep, but still a sweet love story...
March 14, 2012
I hadn't heard of this movie until I looked at someone's list. Sounds interesting but sad!
February 17, 2012
A good story. with a stellar cast...stilted acting in parts at the beginning I thought, but it did get better and definitely needed Kleenex by my side at the end. Overall I enjoyed viewing it and discussing it after. Very thought provoking and based on an actual event.
December 10, 2011
Recommended by Melian.
October 24, 2011
Una historia agridulce sobre VIH, la dignidad para afrontarlo y las ganas de ser uno mismo hasta el final (aunque con un par de temas un poco controvertidos para algunos). Todo el peso recae sobre el guión y las actuaciones al ser una trama muy íntima, y resulta muy bien lograda. Muy emotiva sin caer en lugares comunes y cursilerías.
½ May 29, 2011
It's funny, sad and moving. Eric Roberts does a great job with this part. Thumbs up!
May 19, 2011
Probably my favorite drama of all time
April 19, 2011
This movie is touching. It brings tears and a few laughs. It has a fine cast that makes this movie a real treat to see!!
February 12, 2011
it is very good and make me so sad!
½ January 10, 2011
So dated. So good. Do not question it.
November 15, 2010
A fantastic, depressing, funny, saddest, movie full of ironies about an eternal love story.
October 18, 2010
Hello everyone/ anyone :)

I can't seem to figure this out... there is no play button for this movie but tons of comments. Is it available to either downlaod or watch directly?

July 29, 2010
funny, sad and a thrill ride of emotions til the bitter end! A fantastic movie
½ April 19, 2010
(from The Watermark 05/12/96)
Just what we always wanted - a long, slow, depressing movie about AIDS. Roberts and Harrison are a gay couple who have been together two years. Roberts suddenly tests HIV+ and the relationship starts to unravel. Eventually Harrison throws Roberts out of their home, and they stop all communication. A year later, Roberts' medical condition is such that his vision and his mind will be completely gone in a few days. So he opts to commit suicide and has a gigantic party inviting all of his friends and family for one last goodbye.
Writer-director Randal Kleiser (Grease) has a remarkably simple yet important story that could have illuminated many different dynamics between a gay man and those he loves. Instead, the film is a flat, one-dimensional parade of lesser superstars that reminds us of the tragedy of AIDS, and does nothing to encourage or uplift us. Razor blade, anyone?
The main dramatic thrust in the film is when Harrison arrives at the party, uninvited, and wants to reconcile with Roberts. Naturally they still love each other, but the problem is that Harrison has already been painted as the bad guy, and we don't care about him. Even though some of their scenes are touching, the film reduces the impact that such an illness can have on a relationship to the simplicity of one of them being right and one of them being wrong.
The entire film has a pared-down feel to it: with the party being the end of the story, flashbacks are used to tell the beginning and the middle. They give no real insight into the characters and clumsily interrupt the emotionality of the party itself. (A director friend of mine thinks they used the flashbacks because they must have run out of money.) True, the film was obviously made on a very low-budget: The sound is poor with snipets of conversation being lost and unintelligible; Margaret Cho's hairstyle inflates and deflates with each new camera angle; the one scene involving prosthetic makeup has Christopher Atkins near-death and looking like an alien specimen from the X-Files. Shortage of funds is no excuse for It's My Party's failure; better films have been made with fewer resources.
Many performances help us through the weak material: Lee Grant as Roberts' mother (who should fire her cosmetic surgeon), Cho and Olivia Newton-John who both play concerned friends, Marlee Matlin as Roberts' sister, and Roddy McDowell as an old friend. But nobody works harder than Roberts to make sense of the story. His performance is a true achievement that still isn't enough to save the film. Any movie that can make a party full of gay people so damned dull has got some serious problems.
½ April 8, 2010
Thats Right!!!!!!!!!!
March 3, 2010
My mother adores this movie - a real weeper for those who are disposed. A million stellar cameos.
February 10, 2010
One of my all time favorite movies but damn is it a tear-jerker. Have plenty of kleenex! This is an amazing cast that Kleiser put together - most being friends of his. Most younger movie watchers will have a difficult time understanding the impact AIDS had on the 80's generation. It's a must see.
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