Jackass: Number Two Reviews

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September 12, 2020
Either this film is different, I am different or the gang just got me in the right space to view the film.
August 30, 2009
The older the pranksters get, the grimmer their stunts feel
November 25, 2006
It's hard to like Jackass these days, but it's impossible to hate it either.
November 24, 2006
... a film that aims for the lowest-common denominator and falls even shorter.
November 13, 2006
Niilista como o original, torna-se moderadamente divertido em função de seu inesperado número musical e do sentimento de camaradagem entre seus astros, que parecem realmente torcer uns pelos outros.
October 18, 2006
A lot more money than when they made their first film. But no more sense.
October 13, 2006
The title tells all. To hell with it.
October 3, 2006
I can't recommend their methods, I will applaud their energy and commitment to this particular brand of stupidity.
October 1, 2006
Repetition is the point and the sticking point of Number Two, which is all about self-reference and reiteration.
September 29, 2006
The film's candid-camera skits are mostly unoriginal.
September 29, 2006
It's all pretty hysterical, in a cathartic, if cringe-inducing way, but it becomes too much for one sitting, as even the participants themselves are at times shocked by what unfolds.
September 28, 2006
The material alternates between nauseatingly grotesque and frighteningly cruel, with only a smidgen of humorous Trigger Happy TV-like asides to quell the torture.
September 28, 2006
It tells us seomthing about the demoralizing state of movie audiences today when donkey dung like this tops the box-office.
September 27, 2006
Made for an audience that actually thinks Beavis and Butthead were meant to be desirable role models.
September 22, 2006
The first half hour was hilarious. The second half hour got repetitious and tedious.
September 22, 2006
One of the more positive things I can say about JNT is that it serves the function of a crash diet: After seeing it, you will not want to eat again for a very, very long time.
September 22, 2006
There are worse things to be found in the slimiest corners of the Internet, but this second film installment of the MTV series brings the lowest excesses of webcam exhibitionism to the mutiplex.
September 22, 2006
The images burn into the retina like the spots you get from staring at the sun.
September 22, 2006
A solid hour-and-a-half, plus outtakes, of gratuitous violence and endless stupidity.
September 22, 2006
Though I understand that the film is intent on being no. 1 in no. 2, it is not ever necessary to show someone making doody on camera, thanks.
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