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August 25, 2017
Though there is plenty to not like with this action film what keeps it entertaining enough are the charms of Jackie Chan, the incredible stunts he throws himself into, the action in general being solid and some laughs scattered throughout. It was also interesting to see how much of a rip off this film is of the James Bond series (which the film is clearly self aware about) with the score, the gadgets, some of the action scenes and the plot being clearly influenced by that long running series.
½ January 26, 2017
I didn't know there was a fourth installment to Jackie Chan's Police Story series but First Strike is it (and I watched the full 107 minute version not the heavily cut US release). Following his usual formula for blockbusters, Jackie travels to several different locations (Ukraine, Australia) and sets the action in some tough to navigate places (ski field, underwater with sharks). As usual, the plot is incidental to the action (a nuclear device has gone missing and Jackie has to get it back, because the Hong Kong police are working with the CIA and the replacement for the KGB, the FSB). Jackie's relationships also take a back seat here; even though Uncle Bill is still his boss (in a glorified cameo), sadly May is absent (Maggie Cheung had clearly moved on). So, the full-on Jackie magic isn't really present, but not for want of trying -- the major stunts are pretty tremendous (Jackie jumps from snowboard to helicopter and drives a car onto a boat). However, I _was_ glad to see some hand-to-hand fighting (with a stepladder) to remind me of the old Jackie. And what more can you expect from Chan when he was already in his '40s (and still with his American breakthrough yet to come)? But if you are interested in Jackie, Police Story (1985) and Supercop (1992) are the better movies in this series; they are part of the reason Jackie deserves his stardom.
January 4, 2017
The uncut, original version much better than the US version. there is no horrible dubbing, and the action is not truncated, looking more natural.
January 17, 2016
I loved the first two installments of Jackie Chan's 'Police Story' series, and wish I had seen the intervening adventures of Chan's character, Inspector Chan Ka Kui, ('Police Story 3: Supercop' and 'Project S'--though this is labeled Police Story 4, it's actually his very popular character's 5th appearance). Still, the story (basically a James Bond-type role, as he is forced by his boss to help the CIA prevent a Russian nuclear device from getting into the wrong hands) stands on its own, and is thrilling from start to finish, though something tends to be different and missing from his earlier Hong Kong exploits (though this was made there and dubbed--albeit horrendously--to help make him a star Stateside). If I had to put a finger on it, I think I prefer films that Chan directed himself. It's still extremely enjoyable, with set-pieces--especially when he defends himself with a stepladder--that approach awe-inspiring choreographed action perfection...
November 21, 2015
This is the 4th instalment from the Police Story franchise, which see Jackie Chan return as Detective Chan. At the beginning of the movie he heads to Ukraine to take down the ruthless baddies whose stolen a nuclear warhead and then he's sent to sunny Australia to finish the task. He uses the baddies sister to try and get clues to were he is and when they finally come face to face with each other, he realises that all is not what it seems. He also gets framed for a murder so he's constantly proving his innocence whilst trying to find the baddie who can clear his name. With clever action scenes and some amazing stunts, including fighting underwater, this movie is a action packed ride from beginning to end, with a decent script and many twists and turns. I quite enjoyed this film because of the detailed action scenes and the straight forward storyline but the scenes with the sharks, really went a bit too far. Apart from that, it's basically Chan playing a one man army role, taking out the bad men with style, which we have seen a few times before but it's well put together with some amazing stunts. Watchable!

This film sees Chan teamed up with director Stanley Tong again, who seems to bring the best stunts to the big screen when they join forces. I'm a bit gutted that I didn't get to see the 3rd Police Story because I would have liked to have seen Jackie Chan kicking butt with Michelle Yeoh. Anyway, the beginning of this movie is a complete rip off from a Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only I think, and I don't know how the hell little Chan was able to take on those massive Ukraines, who looked like they could eat him for breakfast. That is what makes Chan the ultimate hero in his movies and I'm yet to see him play a mean baddie. 

Budget: N/A
Worldwide Gross: $22million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/adventure/martial arts/comedies starring Jackie Chan, Jackson Liu and Annie Wu. 4/10
November 5, 2015
Just as entertaining as films like Armor of God. The stunts were fun to watch. The other appeal is that this was shot in Australia.
February 5, 2015
What can she do on a plane?

Inspector Chan Ka Kui is assigned to ride on a plane to America and protect a little girl during her travels. The case quickly becomes more complicated when she is kidnapped and a nuclear warhead hell bent on mass destruction comes into play. Can the inspector save the girl and stop the bomb from killing numerous innocent civilians?

"You think your money can pay for my father's life?"

Stanley Tong, director of The Legend of the Swordsman, Police Story 3, Supercop 2, Rumble in the Bronx, Mr. Magoo, The Myth, China Strike Force, and the upcoming Kung Fu Yoga, delivers Jackie Chan's First Strike. The storyline for this picture is fairly generic and reminded me a little of Rush Hour. The action scenes were better at some points than others and the acting was fairly standard for the genre. The cast includes Jackie Chan, Annie Wu, Jackson Liu, Bill Tung, and Terry Woo.

"I didn't mean to lie to you."

I found this on HBOGO and decided to give it a shot one day while in the mood for a martial arts picture. This was just okay and a bit disappointing. It seemed like "just another Jackie Chan movie" rather than containing enough unique characteristics to make it stand out in the genre. I would only see this if you're a diehard Chan fan.

"Nice hat. Aren't you cold?"

Grade: C+
August 29, 2014
my favorite Chan movie
½ August 21, 2014
Not one of Chan's more memorable films First Strikes dubbing is pretty bad and though some of the stunts are top notch Chan the story is absurd and muddled with sharks and lazy editing. Still for fans of Chanc the ladder fight is more than worth the time it takes to watch the film.
May 25, 2014
pretty badly acted movie but it has its share of wicked scenes. light-hearted and eye-pleasing action.
March 13, 2014
As a Jackie Chan movie it's pretty good. As a Police Story movie it sucks. Even though it's the same director as Supercop, it doesn't feel the same. Supercop had already toned down a bit of the violence the first two Police Story movies had, but this one has gone even more in the goofy direction. It's not bad and still entertaining, it just doesn't feel like a Police Story movie.
January 24, 2014
Fairly forgettable imo. Not one of Jackie's best...
½ November 17, 2013
Lots of great Jackie Chan style action here.
September 1, 2013
In post-Soviet Russia, nothing is as it seems. When members of the Russian Mafia pose as KGB agents to steal a nuclear missile, the CIA calls on martial arts Master Jackie Chan to stop them. Jackie treks the globe-from icy glaciers of the Ukraine to the pristine beaches of Australia-traveling by submarines, stilts and snowboards, encountering man-eating sharks and heart-stopping beauties.

also stars Jackson Lou, Annie Wu, Bill Tung, Yuri Petrov, Terry Woo and John Eaves.

directed by Stanley Tong.
½ July 17, 2013
WTF? such low ratings for First Strike? The climax fight scene shot entirely underwater is one of Chan's best.
December 22, 2012
the story line..eh..fighting:awesome!
½ December 12, 2012
I really wanted that white seal hat he wore when he was snow boarding.
½ November 30, 2012
Good, fun, silly action!
November 25, 2012
Originally conceived as a stand-alone feature Jackie Chan succumbed to the public outcry for another installment in the immensely popular "Police Story" series and changed direction mid-stream. The result is a tonal shift most notably with protagonist Chan Ga-kui who's rechristened Jackie Chan Ga-kui and resembles his former self in name only, his personality now in lockstep with characters from a recent duo of disappointments (1995's "Rumble in the Bronx," "Thunderbolt") designed with the American market in mind. Chan's trademark prop-laden gung fu is present, but downsized to make room for a messy plot (partially inspired by two B-rate American script writers) that prefers being armed. Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, the long-suffering May from the "Police Story" series is absent as well due to a monetary dispute with Chan off camera. With all these things in mind "First Strike" still some how manages to deliver if only for the fact that it's an upgrade from Chan's preceding year of mediocre outuput. Alone, "First Strike" makes for an above average 007 matinee. As the fourth installment to the "Police Story" series, it's pretty much a tragedy.
Super Reviewer
November 8, 2012
throw logic to the wind and you'll enjoy some impressive stunts. Jackie Chan is always enjoyable to watch even in he's lesser films. the action scenes are very impressive with the walking stunt man doing what he does best.
the film sags a little once coming to Australia but don't let some bad dubbing get in the way. the end fight scene is quite funny but also quite silly and takes a lot of the focus of what has gone on before.
I would have liked for the story to develop a little better but Chans films never really gave to much plotting. the film runs out of steam quite quickly but pulls itself back together by the end. I thought the film was interesting but definitely not something to watch over and over again
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