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½ September 20, 2015
This is a film I'd have watched a long time ago had somebody not spoiled the ending for me. I still enjoyed this a lot though, It's a great story which leaves plenty to discuss afterwards.
September 19, 2015
Slow unraveling of a troubled mind.
Paris S.
Super Reviewer
September 17, 2015
One of the most beautiful films ever put to print. Jacob's Ladder is American surrealism in motion, but the aesthetic is not quite supported by its story. There is so much potential here for a true masterpiece, but what we're given, though wholly entertaining, comes just shy of striking distance. The cast is very consistent as is the direction, but the plot offers so much unfulfilled brilliance that what we're left comes out as slightly underwhelming.
September 4, 2015
This film is about as original as it is weird. It tells the story a Vietnam veteran named Jacob who struggles to overcome the horrors of war. But what starts out as nightmares of his time spent in Vietnam, progressively they turn into hellish visions that blur the lines between what's real and what's not. As the visions increase more with each passing day; it leaves him to question if he is going insane or is there something else much more sinister behind these visions that plague his mind as well as his reality. But the further Jacob seeks out the answers, the further he spirals down the ladder into absolute chaos.
This film is a rollercoaster ride of visionary horror. It toys with your mind and throws subtle hints at you as to what is going on and you still wont know until the very end. This definitely isn't your conventional horror film and may require a second viewing to fully understand. And though it isn't for everybody, it is a film worth seeing, especially if you like a well thought out horror film that will stay in your mind days after viewing.
(Interesting side note:) This film was the main inspiration behind the Silent Hill videogame franchise.
½ August 22, 2015
Jacob's Ladder was a very intriguing and twisted mystery movie. It had a lot plot twists and creepy imagery, but most importantly the story ways kept you wandering and interested in what was going on. Also Tim Robbins performance was really good. I'm surprised as how I never heard about this movie, because it was really good and very intricate that probably should be more known than what it is.
~August 22, 2015~
½ August 21, 2015
A thinking movie, deep, theological, philisophical, deeply disturbing, strog imagery. Really good. But you've been warned.
½ July 24, 2015
Dark, gloomy, atmosphere, great acting, interesting plot, a bit too short in my opinion :P
½ July 18, 2015
Felt dry. Probably worthwhile for those tied to military experiences.
½ June 28, 2015
Brilliantly put together. For me, the best "horror" films (in quotes because this is not so easily categorized) are the ones that effortlessly suck you into the existential nightmare of a character's crumbling sanity. The authenticity and naturalism of Tim Robbins' performance, the unsettling, eerily beautiful music, the darkly lush imagery, and the masterfully artful editing make Jacob's waking (?) horror and despair painfully real. But a blissful undercurrent of love and warmth breaks through in moments between lovers, friends, and family which washes over and salves the deep wounds the film inflicts.
May 26, 2015
Saw this on 26/5/15
Jacob's Ladder is a finely crafted engaging film with fine performances but it's got a cowardly ending which irritates me a lot and this is just why Adrian Lyne is no Oliver Stone. It's last scene is unnecessary and it fails of give the film a conclusive explanation. What's this film like? it's like a dark crossover of Stay(2005) and Mr Nobody(2009).
May 17, 2015
A very interesting, trippy, unsettling psychological puzzler featuring a great performance from Tim Robbins.
½ May 13, 2015
85% on my Tomatometer.
April 15, 2015
Pretty good mind-fuck of a movie with creepy paranoia from Vietnam soldiers dosed with BZ. Stays interesting throughout and has a solidly bleak ending.
March 9, 2015
Surreal and mind bending. A haunting journey into the human psyche that provides a thought provoking (and disturbing) look at insanity.
March 6, 2015
It would have been better if I didn't watch this. Still after few days I cannot put 2 + 2
together - nothings add to me , simple as that.
½ February 27, 2015
His 'life' jumps from reality to reality and sometimes he is confused and sometimes you're confused. The jumping around offers little in definition or depth and through most of them I was not interested. And then it sort of but not really even happened, but because I already didn't care......eh.
February 8, 2015
a descent into the pit of fear has Jacob losing his mind
the film is full of surreal images and scary stuff
our reality begins to get questioned as well going from one thing to the next
once it's revealed what's causing this madness it's simple enough although it doesn't raise the bar for the film entirely
still, Tim Robbins wonderfully plays a Vietnam vet on the verge of insanity and trying to find out what it is
once more war does terrible things to people and some things we don't even remember what scares us the most
all kinds of demons emerge from what we've suffered and what we've lost
January 24, 2015
The movie M Night Shyamalan probably always strove to match. #6
January 10, 2015
This is my favorite movie. Not easy to watch, and even more difficult to unpack. I once watched this movie with seven friends, and at the end of the movie asked them what the plot of the movie was. I got 7 different responses. Before cerebral, byzantine movies became all the rage, Jacob's Ladder explored reality, time, and madness with a truly thought-provoking story.
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