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James and the Giant Peach Quotes

  • Centipede: Holy shipwreck!!!!!

  • Ladybug: We've all changed, and so have you James.

  • Grasshopper: What's your latitude? What's your longitude?
    Centipede: Hey, hey, hey! That question's personal, bud!

  • Earthworm: You said you've been to Bora-Bora.
    Centipede: Well not Bora-Bora per se.
    Spider: What about the shores of Tripoli?
    Centipede: Did I say Tripoli? I meant the Halls of of Montezuma.

  • Centipede: I sailed all the five seas, from the sunlit beaches of Bora-Bora, to the icy shores of Tripoli! Commander Centipede, they used to call me!
    Grasshopper: Seven.
    Centipede: Huh?
    Grasshopper: There are SEVEN seas, and Tripoli is in the subtropics, commander.

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