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July 10, 2016
Most people would say that putting Jason Voorhees in space would be the worst thing that the filmmakers of the Friday The 13th franchise can possibly do in the history of the franchise, and that's both right and wrong. One of the reasons it's right is because the turnout of this film is an absolutely absurd mess that is incredibly stupid, terribly directed, and awfully acted. One of the reasons it's wrong is because the film turns out to be really entertaining because of how bad the film really is. Trust me, it's not a good Friday The 13th film, it's not even throughly remembering because of how bad it's put together. But it's definitely a really fun film. Basically what you get is Jason Voorhees murdering teenagers in outer space. It's so bad, but it's pretty hilarious.
½ July 9, 2016
Jason X is set in space. Jason looks good in this this film until his upgrade at the end when he becomes uber Jason. Overall this movie has awful special effects and looks like a made for TV SyFy channel movie. Jason X would be the worst in the series but has some competition.
June 24, 2016
Der Jason Spass geht in die zehnte Runde! Und diesmal geht es hoch in den Himmel hinaus!
Jason wird ganz tief gefroren. Dann in der Zukunft wird er von einer Gruppe von jungen Wissenschaftlern entdeckt, um ihn, zur Studienzwecken zu studieren. Dort wird Jason natŁrlich wieder zum Leben erweckt und er macht wieder das, was er am besten kann: Jagen!
NatŁrlich verkommt dieser zehnte Teil vŲllig dem Trash. Und die Effekte sind auch nicht gerade eine Augenweide. Es macht sicher Spass, Jason zuzusehen, wie er wieder einer nach dem anderen meuchelt. Aber es ist auch vŲllig ŁberflŁssig.
Man kann auch sagen, dass die Franchise, von der Jason Reihe, wirklich tot ist. Es bringt nichts mehr Neues und hat auch keine besonderen ‹berraschungen mehr. Jason ist endgŁltig den Rang abgelaufen. Das man solche Werke noch machen darf, irritiert mich ein bisschen.
Fazit: Auch wenn nur noch der Name steht: Spass ist etwas anderes. Ich habe den Film nur geschaut, weil ich Jason Fan bin. Sonst ist er wirklich nur absoluter Trash!
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June 22, 2016
So for the 10th (yes, X means 10 in this case) Jason film, they take the story to the future where a team uncovers Jason's body and go figure, he wakes up and starts killing people. The script isn't that great and a few of the gags are so full of camp you almost choke on it (android girl scene). Where other Jason films have been suspenseful and kept to their successful roots of chopping up kids in a camp, this one is pretty far reaching...... and bad.
June 13, 2016
I don't think it's that bad of a movie...
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½ May 9, 2016
Jason X has no reason to exist as the whole idea is ludicrous, Remember when Jason was sent to hell in part 9? Well obviously filmmakers don't as he's yet again resurrected without any explanation on how, The film itself has no right to be as entertaining as it is, Silly tongue in cheek humour, Jason kills are a little better and he dies again but this time gets a upgrade and becomes Uber Jason but the idea doesn't last long and the film comes to a predictable end, It's the most entertaining Friday 13th but the story just is too silly to call it a good movie.
May 8, 2016
We've hit the reset button yet again. Jason X is another one-off entry in the series which largely ignores what came before and changes things so much that no film picked up where it left off. Horror sequels tend to function ineffectively in a vacuum and Jason X is no exception, it's a tough watch.

I never realized it before but in many ways this film is a futuristic remake of Jason Takes Manhattan. Think about it, most of the action takes place on a ship, Jason is surrounded by undergraduates, there's a professor/student seduction scene, Jason's makeup is lacking, and it's all god-awful rubbish. I don't understand the thinking here. The last two films took Jason away from camp and both were huge failures with the fan base, how can you make this mistake a third straight time?

Once again I'll state the obvious: Jason in space is a dumb idea. I've heard this film described as "Jason for the Matrix generation" and maybe that's true. Jason X was built around a futuristic aesthetic using all sorts of CGI shots of space flight and sci-fi weaponry and, you know what, who cares? Since when did people watch these films for the digital effects? The answer is never. The filmmakers even go so far as to create an android character who looks like Carrie-Anne Moss's Trinity and include a rapid-cut fight scene with her and Jason near the end of the film. The idea that an audience member would be thrilled or entertained by this makes me ill.

Much like Jason Goes to Hell this film comes off as more of an action-focused production and doesn't much bother with suspense or scares, not even cheap ones. A good example of this would be the second act which involves a team of trained commandos tracking Jason through a spaceship like in Alien. Of course their expertise is wasted on the stealthy Jason who, despite being bulky and rancid smelling, can sneak up on anyone at any time and slash his way out of the situation. It's a dull charade.

I find it interesting that, although they were all major studio releases, Friday the 13th films are often thought of as B-movies. Jason X is probably the closest any of these sequels come to actually fulfilling that expectation. Poor costuming, set design, and visual effects make Jason X a film that generates groans and eye rolls as often as ironic laughter. It's another tedious, uninspired sequel in what has quickly become a marathon of unwatchable dreck.
April 28, 2016
April 2, 2016
Suprisingly better than I thought
½ March 5, 2016
Not the best it is stupid when he goes uber Jason but the otherwise a good movie
½ February 26, 2016
This is the worst thing I've ever seen. But in a hilarious way. Go to see it if you'd like to have a real laugh with brief nods to it's franchise. Oh dear!
½ February 16, 2016
ok, could of been better or shouldn't of been made at all.
½ February 6, 2016
February 3, 2016
so funny, not so bad as Jason Goes To HELL
½ December 17, 2015
More Jason, this time in the future and outer space. Seriously?
½ November 14, 2015
Jason in space. That is an idea that when properly executed could've resulted in a brilliantly shlocky and hilariously entertaining film, but instead Jason X opts to just suck. Most of the characters all share one personality, by which I mean they have none beyond throwing out sarcastic one-liners, and ninety-five perfent of the jokes fall flat, leaving the only kinda funny parts to be the sometimes pretty entertaining kills. But even with a few kinda cool kills, the film never really utilizes the possibilities of putting Jason in the future on a spaceship, and instead just does a typical Friday the 13th slasher. The setting has no significant impact on the action, so basically the same movie could've been done as a classic Friday the 13th film by just replacing words like "space" in the script with "Camp Crystal Lake". Honestly the idea of Jason in space would've been much more suited for a splatter film than a slasher film. When the movie came out I was like ten years old and was too young to see it, so when I saw the trailer I just imagined the movie in my head, and I still find the one ten-year-old me came up with better than the actual one. They should've just gone all out and given Jason like a laser machete and had him have a lightsaber duel or something and give all the characters blasters and shit... You know, just go all out on the stupid sci-fi shit like something like Moonraker did (although granted that's not a good movie either). In the end the only thing Jason X truly got right is Uber Jason which is one of the coolest things ever in the history of anything ever.

November 14, 2015
Insanely stupid but there's too much to enjoy
½ November 6, 2015
The great thing about the friday the 13th series is that you almost cant parody them, anything you could joke about them doing next in this seemingly endless series of slashers has actually been done, Jason has been in 3d, had a battle with a telekinetic heroine who lobs tvs and stuff at him with the power of her mind, he's been to new york, gone to Hell, he's even had a duke out with one Freddy Kruger, ah you say but has he been in space? even the makers of this series wouldn't go that outrageous, well yes they did actually, and it's hilarious. What i love about these movies is that they can truly lay claim to being the most shamelessly ridiculous horror movie franchise ever, it's great fun to see them constantly "go there", and in this one you get such ludicrous pleasures as Jason running round a spaceship raking up body count, fighting a Terminator/The Matrix style leather clad, heavily armed android girl, getting cryogenically frozen and unfrozen in the 24th century and getting turned into a super mechanized version of himself (with a shiny new metallic hockey mask) by nanobot's. It aint high art, but it's loads of junky, knowingly stupid fun.
September 24, 2015
I'm giving this star for the funny 'Crystal Lake' scene involving two topless camp counselors, sleeping bags, and a single tree. The rest is the expected over-done turkey one comes to admire with an appalled fascination at this stage in movie- making history. There I said it.
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