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½ July 16, 2015
They want you to show them where the lines are.

In the 70s Isaac seems like an ordinary aspiring young black man. He has settled down with his wife to be and appears on a very positive path until the spirit of a deceased 1940s gangster takes over his body and begins seeking revenge for those responsible for killing him and his sister. Can Isaac gain control of the situation or will the possession ruin his life forever?

"Nobody talks to me like that, especially some bitch ho like you!"

Arthur Marks, director of Bucktown, Friday Foster, The Monkey Hustle, Detroit 9000, Class of '74, A Woman for all Men, and Togetherness, delivers JD's Revenge. The storyline for this picture is unique but awkward in a lot of ways. The action was nothing special and the acting was pretty average. The cast includes Glynn Thurman, Louis Gossett Jr, Joan Pringle, David McKnight, Earl Billings, and Julian Christopher.

"I fucked your woman, sucker!"

I came across this movie on Netflix due to it being a blaxploitation so I added it to my queue. This was a bit disappointing as the plot did not work for me. This is a below average addition to the genre with little going for it. I recommend skipping this.

"Those are thirty dollar super shoes."

Grade: D
½ March 25, 2014
Blaxploitation film about a hustler who is murdered after witnessing his sister being murder. Years pass and he comes back to possess a young man in order to exact his revenge on his murderer. It's not a bad film I don't guess, but it wasn't great either. Glynn Turman does a great acting performance in transitioning from the normal every day guy to the possessed hustler. Other than that , there isn't anything very desirable about this film.
½ January 26, 2013
kold as fick!!!!!!!!!
½ January 5, 2013
One of the best blaxploitation films out there but not the most accessible so if you're new to the genre you may want to start elsewhere. Otherwise, if you're a fan and haven't seen this you really need to see it. Guaranteed fun times with a plot and acting to die for.
½ June 5, 2012
J.D.'s Revenge starts out in 1942 New Orleans as gangster J.D. Walker (David McKnight) is gunned down for a murder he didn't commit, his own sister. Flash forward to 1976 New Orleans where Ike (Glynn E. Turman), a student working through law school, starts to have bloody hallucinations of a mysterious and violent man and soon starts to take on his characteristics against his will. A confused Ike seeks help not realizing J.D. is back for revenge and using Ike's body to do it. As blaxploitation films go, A.I.P. made flick looks good on a low budget and the acting (including future Oscar winner Lou Gossett Jr. as a former mobster turned preacher who figures in J.D.'s past) is actually pretty good, especially from Turman. What hurts J.D.'s Revenge is director Arthur Marks' slow pace and the film could have used some more intensity. That's not to say there aren't intense scenes, there are, especially during the last act but, the film does drag a bit early on. You would expect a bit more scares in a story of possession and revenge from beyond the grave. Marks seems to treat the material like a routine drama despite the violent and supernatural story and that takes away the fun and makes it a bit too serious for this type of movie. It's as if he wasn't comfortable with the horror elements, despite the fact that this is indeed a horror film. If it wasn't for Turman's effective portrayal of Ike's torment, J.D.'s revenge would be far less watchable. And without giving anything away, the end was far too neat and clean. As it is, it is a well made film but not as intense or fun as we'd like. It is a curiosity for those who enjoy films from this era but, doesn't quite live up to it's cult reputation.
EXTRA TRIVIA: Music was written by and the closing song performed by Robert Prince who went on to fame, fortune and iconic status in the 80s after losing the "Robert" in his name.
January 13, 2012
I just love this Movie I could watch it over and over again
October 12, 2011
no ... not going to see it
October 10, 2011
Looks incredibly stupid.
August 13, 2011
An oldie but definitely a goodie! "You my baby sistaah!"
April 24, 2011
A fun little Blaxploitation title with a bit of a supernatural twist, as a mild mannered guy is possessed by the spirit of a long dead pimp who begins to seek revenge on those that killed him, as well as causing chaos in the life of the man that he's taken over.

Good little flick, it's interesting to see the mannerisms change as out lead is taken over.

Well worth tracking down.
½ October 1, 2010
Odd movie, better than some of the blaxploitation/horror stuff, but not quite as good as the pinnacle: Blacula.
½ April 4, 2010
Have you ever been to a bar & they hypnotize some poor bastard making a fool out of them? Well you have to be careful because when you try to convince them it's really fucking cold they might become possessed by a 40s gangster who was killed in a meat locker that wants to extract revenge on those who had done him wrong some 30 years earlier. Believe it or not that's the plot of this mishmash of blaxploitation/horror JD's Revenge. Not only does JD want revenge against those who killed him though; he's gotta smack his old lady around & rape her too. Plus there's flash backs (@ least a half a dozen of them) that include a cow getting its throat slit that doesn't help the bad taste that this flix develops. Even as a fan of blaxploitation this is pretty low grade but if taken as tasteless camp (especially when JD takes full possession) it may be enjoyed more..Louis Gossett Jr is good though & is over the top as a preacherman
½ April 3, 2010
The less said about this one, the better.
½ February 22, 2010
‚??There was real mean killing and the wrong guy died they buried his body but his soul survived.‚?? J.D.‚??s Revenge is a low budget but semi-arty possession story starring Glynn Turman (star of Cooley High, but I fondly remember him as the doomed science teacher in Gremlins) as the unfortunate vessel for murdered gangster J.D. and he is absolutely fantastic in this Jekyll/Hyde role. Lou Gossett Jr‚??s reformed Reverand is also stellar as the object of J.D.s vengeance and there eventual collision does not disappoint. The film is quite spooky in parts; I found some of the flashback dream sequences to be particularly troubling (Cow slash! Cow slash! Cow Slash!). A really interesting and worthwhile entry in the Blaxploitation genre. VF.
Super Reviewer
October 12, 2009
Glynn Turman can make any movie look good!
May 31, 2009
One helluva great blaxploitation movie to watch, full of situations and mystery, yet remains always laughable as per Louis Gossett's acting! You're in for some good ol' Louisiana fun!
½ February 23, 2009
GOOD. STUFF. Not content to simply be outrageous, this is a very solid thriller with some dynamic performances. I am extremely pleased.
January 28, 2009
I have the VHS.would like to have the DVD.
January 4, 2009
This was one mean-spirited movie. JD wants revenge, but he was a bastard to begin with. He's a dick throughout.
October 5, 2008
Pretty boring Blaxploitation/Horror movie about some guy who's taken over by a dead mobster and basically is a huge fucking asshole to everyone.
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