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Jefftowne is a documentary about a man named Jeff Towne. Towne suffers from Down's Syndrome and spends his time watching pornography, drinking beer, and watching professional wrestling. He also spends a great deal of time at a local movie theater where the staff there acts as an extended family. Towne lives with his elderly foster mother who dreams of a cash windfall that will relieve their troubles. The film follows Towne through his unusual day-to-day existence, as well as some unusual events that occur while the cameras are rolling.
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I enjoyed the movie! The disability factor was handled so well! Usually I feel they are exploited but this was great! He ruled the roost!

Not nearly as sensationalized as the synopsis will have you believe, 'Jefftowne' is documentary filmmaker Daniel Kraus' exploration of a dude with Downs Syndrome who lives at home with his crippled 93 year old adoptive mother, likes to fondle girls, watch WCW Monday Nitro, and works at the local mall movie theater. I turned this off about five minutes into it, because I swore it was a mockumentary with actors, but it turns out I was wrong and decided to give it another run through. I watched this on the Roku box, so there weren't any subtitles, and that's a bad thing, because Jeff is next to impossible to understand. Watching this, I felt much sympathy for Jeff's plight, but also could see that he wasn't doing too bad, and was getting all the wrestling, pornography, and free beer he wanted and what more could someone ask for? Apparently, this guy is doing pretty well now and living on his own, I just wonder what happened with the chick Kim, who was the object of his desire and someone you could tell was going to have to take care of him after the mom died. Dunno, this was interesting, but I can't say I'd watch it again.

Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

I really liked this film. I thought it was a decent low budget portrait of one man's life and not at all like the sensational description of it. My biggest problem is that Jeff is not subtitled. It is clear that the people around him can understand him, including the film-maker, so why not help us the audience out. I want to know what Jeff is saying, but because I'm not in the room to question his interpreters every time there is a bit I can't understand, I miss too much. Also quite important is that I entered this film without any knowledge of what Down's syndrome is, and ended it with that same ignorance. I did gleam that Jeff still mostly enjoys the same things any man his age without Down's would also enjoy and that his surrounding friends and family believe him to be cleverer and more capable than his affliction would state he is. A decent little film and quite short, but again my biggest regret is the lack of integrated subtitles which could have enhanced this film so much.

_kelly .King
_kelly .King

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