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The inbred daughter of a dysfunctional, violent family seizes the opportunity to strike back against her sadistic parents and siblings in director Matthew Reel's grimy, grindhouse-style shocker. Rape and incest are just a way of life for the Hoffman's, and after years of unimaginable torment, Jessicka has been transformed into something less than human. To the family, she's just another pet, but even dogs can turn on their owners when the suffering becomes too much to bear. Recognizing what may be her first and only chance to let them feel a fraction of her pain, Jessicka embraces her animalistic instincts and strikes back with savage ferocity.
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In Jessicka Rabid, the 90-minute love song to the old 70's grindhouse exploitation films of yore, we are taken to small neighborhood in Arizona where a particularly off-balanced family, including rising horror stars Trent Haaga, Jeff Sisson, and the lovely Cisiany Olivar, who share one particularly sick secret in the form of human pet Jessicka (Elske McCain). Jessicka, like a dog, is kept caged up and fed dog food in a bowl outside. On occasion though, the family will use her for their perverse sexual activities, not to mention loan her off to seedy porno directors in even seedier motel rooms. In the vein of, oh let's say Cujo or Old Yeller, Jessicka winds up being bitten by a ravenous dog which soon begins to turn her into something dangerous, ultimately leading towards the family's comeuppance of sorts. Sometimes man's best friend can easily turn into man's worst nightmare. I'd like to point out the neat little niche this film uses of giving it an appearance (and feel) as though this is a lost gem from the 70's. With a story like this, presenting it as a grindhouse film may have been the most clever direction to go in. Let's also not forget this film's two female leads, McCain and Olivar, both of whom are incredibly beautiful and DO get naked a good bit in this film. Good direction from Matthew Reel, but the real focus needs to be on McCain whose done just about everything else when it came to making this film. That's not to say the other cast didn't pull their own weight, as prevalent in the opening credits where it's obvious that a very small crew worked to develop such a unique film. The cast says it includes Troma President Lloyd Kaufman, but your more apt to find him in the deleted scenes in an odd, yet amusing role. Not a bad film; I certainly look forward to seeing these same people pop up elsewhere.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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