Jesus, You Know Reviews

May 6, 2005
It takes a giant leap of faith to accept that Jesus, You Know wasn't staged.
December 3, 2004
Inventive and bold.
December 2, 2004
Austere, rigidly formalized documentary.
November 30, 2004
[A] complex and deeply moving documentary of Catholics at prayer, who remarkably speak to the camera as they do to God.
March 1, 2007
The film proves the dramatic power of the cinematic close-up by not including a single one.
December 3, 2004
If watching devout churchgoers pray to Jesus before a static camera sounds like the dullest idea ever for a documentary, think again: This might be the most fun you've ever had in church.
November 27, 2004
Inventive, ironic -- and in spots brilliant.
December 18, 2003
Thanks to the approach used in filming, the mundane and familiar problems that these people speak of become an informative & entertaining presentation of a collective pathos.