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September 12, 2020
Jig truly captures the diversity of the world of Irish Dancing.
January 22, 2013
January 22, 2013
October 3, 2011
Not just a chronicle of a competition, a la Spellbound, but a look at the nature of obsession.
August 4, 2011
It's not the best movie you'll ever see, but as movies about Irish dance competitions go, well, it's pretty high on that list.
June 24, 2011
A captivating primer on tripping the light fantastic with your arms pinned to your sides!
June 22, 2011
Uncovers the sweat and toil behind all the sparkly outfits and clickety-clack footwork.
June 17, 2011
Irish-dancing documentary holds your interest with its range of characters and competitive edge, despite serious directorial missteps.
June 17, 2011
Jig is both inspiring and a cautionary tale about obsession among youngsters.
June 16, 2011
Jig draws on sports movie conventions and winsomely entertains.
June 16, 2011
This highly involving film deftly captures the unique physical, emotional and financial aspects of diving into competitive Irish dance, with the participants' addictive immersion the overwhelming takeaway.
June 16, 2011
There's no voiceover, just kids and parents and coaches talking about their passion.
June 16, 2011
"Jig'' is involving, if at times overly slick.
June 16, 2011
There is plenty to admire and enjoy about Jig. The filmmakers were given unprecedented access to the Irish Dancing World Championships, and what they found is captivating.
June 16, 2011
It's all sweat, stomps, and caked-on make-up as these girls (and a few boys) chase their dreams, for personal glory and, of course, to appease their parents.
June 15, 2011
The documentary Jig presents a world that approaches child pageantry in its self-contained weirdness.
June 14, 2011
Anyone who has ever attempted to put body, mind and soul together, hoping desperately to achieve undisputed excellence (even if only until next year) will revel in this production's honesty, integrity and love.
June 9, 2011
I applaud the filmmaker for making such a fun film about a dance competition that I knew nothing about before the film and for keeping my interest throughout.
June 3, 2011
A kitsch documentary about the World Irish Dance competition.
May 6, 2011
It's a quest for perfection that leads to tears or triumph, and Bourne shoots it all with rare skill.
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