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August 6, 2019
It is a new demonstration that this franchise had already given everything it had to offer. [Full Review in Spanish]
August 6, 2019
'Jigsaw' is neither the most original movie, nor the most surprising, not even the bloodiest in the series. [Full Review in Spanish]
June 4, 2019
Perhaps the Saw franchise has outlived its own relevance. In a world grown numb from violent death, Jigsaw just doesn't seem to have a place.
April 10, 2019
Been there, done that.
March 21, 2019
Fun and gruesome though it may be, it's too little too late to save the now eight-deep Saw series.
February 18, 2019
The return of Jigsaw is plain and boring. Annoying characters don't help to make the experience bearable.
February 8, 2019
Unfortunately, there's nowhere else for these movies to go. They've been painted into a corner by the limitations of the concept; Jigsaw is the unavoidable result of those limitations, a film that is completely and utterly familiar.
November 3, 2018
No worse than even the most average of Saw movies. Unfortunately, it isn't any better, either.
October 31, 2018
It can't help but feel like something of a disappointment. Stylistically different but narratively more of the same, Jigsaw isn't the revival fans of the franchise deserved.
April 2, 2018
Jigsaw doesn't quite get there as far as slasher films go. It's a weak imitation of the previous films but it's not the weakest in the franchise.
February 15, 2018
Jigsaw: failing to pick up the pieces since 2010. It's a massive shame for what was once a playful and fun horror movie franchise.
December 28, 2017
... beyond the gore, it only offers 90 minutes of narrative conveniences that will test even the lowest of expectations. [Full review in Spanish]
December 27, 2017
A missed opportunity for sure.
November 27, 2017
New levels of sadistic boredom. [Full Review in Spanish]
November 18, 2017
Seven years after Saw: The Final Chapter, the torture series has returned with a fresh title and a stale everything else.
November 15, 2017
If you are looking for classic Saw, unfortunately this film only partially delivers, with the same being said for its attempt at fresh originality.
November 9, 2017
For fans and newcomers alike, Jigsaw is a disappointment: this reboot has the worst story, the worst characters, the worst writing, the worst twists and the worst traps.
November 9, 2017
... it is completely unnecessary, a mere copy of something that worked many years ago. [Full review in Spanish]
November 4, 2017
For this franchise, a full 13 years after it was born into the world, it could have been a lot worse.
November 3, 2017
There's no possible mystery. [Full Review in Spanish]
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